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Every month Steam users are being scammed by a different ways. We often face the fact that scammers are trying to trick our users and steal their inventory.
Basically, scammers use the carelessness of users by creating one-day fake sites that completely copy the design of our site and slightly change the name or domain. Seeing a site that is familiar and has a good reputation on the Internet, users easily trust it and share their data, make trades and lose their items.
Another popular way is to scam users using an API key. This is a combination of numbers and letters, which makes it possible to perform actions on your Steam account. Scammers use it to steal your items. Usually they get this key using sites with a fake login form, in which inattentive users leave data from their Steam account.
In all scam cases, scammers use their fake bots, which are very similar to our original bots, but still have many differences. The surest way not to be scammed is to always check which bot you are going to trade with.
We have developed the CS.MONEY Antiscam extension to make sure our user data is safe and secured. By installing this extension you can be sure that you will not be scammed while trading on our site.
So, let's talk about the main differences between fake scam bots and our original bots:
«Offline»‎ . Our bots always have «Offline»‎ status in Steam. The most of the fake bots are constantly editing their Steam profiles and have «Online»‎ status.
Steam level . All of our bots have a Steam profile level 25 or higher. Fake bots usually don’t last long, so scammers rarely spend their money on level-upping their bots. Most likely, the scam bot's Steam level will be 0.
Not empty Steam profile . The majority of our bots have a Steam profile with information, badges are featured, there are showcases with information about the bot and his trades amount. Scammers very often skip this point, leaving the profile of their bots empty.
Custom URL . Instead of the standard SteamID64, all of our bots have the custom URL. Scammers extremely rarely change their bots Steam profile URL.
In addition to these differences, you can always check the bot’s profile link in a special «Trade bots»‎ section. All our original bots are listed in this section and there is also a convenient search by the link or bot number.
Also pay your attention to the fact that during the trade, we provide you not only the bot’s number, but also the date of its registration on Steam. You can compare it with the date that is written in the exchange window on Steam.
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