Six Rules to Conquer CS Matchmaking


What is the secret of success? Many people in various fields are struggling with this question. Millions of people play Counter-Strike, but only 62 have become CS:GO Major champions. However, even in regular matchmaking, there are high-octane matches because people want to win and become the best.

We have already talked about how to win on FaceIT, but many people still prefer playing in regular matchmaking. It’s a little different trying to reach Global Elite as fast as possible, so CS.MONEY Blog outlines several rules and tips that will help rank up faster in CS.

six rules how to rank up faster in csgo guide

Rule #0: Counter-Strike ladder is a marathon, not a sprint

There is no universal magic pill that will quickly boost your CS skills and/or rating. Take the best players in the world: they have gone through years from matchmaking to stickers at the Major. M0NESY has 16000+ hours in CS:GO! You will always have good days and bad days, but your level of play will be determined not by one, not by five, and not even by fifty maps. Remember that.

Rule #1: always enjoy the game

What’s the point of playing if you’re not having fun pr enjoying what you do? Especially when it comes to matchmaking. If you’re not a professional, no one forces you to play against your will. Moreover, it will negatively affect your results.

In Counter-Strike, there are many different modes besides competitive. You can have a lot of fun there. If having cool skin in your hands brings you pleasure, there’s nothing wrong with that as well. Moreover, buying skins is now easier than ever: CS.MONEY Trade is an easy way to style up your inventory.

Rule #2: go ranked MM only when you’re fully prepared

After you press the ACCEPT button, you will have a maximum of 30 rounds to show your best. Your opponents will not give you any discount for not warming up in advance or being tilted after an unsuccessful match. They will simply take advantage of your mistakes and broken spirit to achieve an undeserved easy victory. Do you really want that? So, remember to take breaks after defeats and wins. And warm up before starting a ranked session. By the way, we’ll talk about warm-ups next.

Rule #3: create a routine and follow it during warm-ups

This is literally me!

People tend to underestimate the psychological factor in games, and that could be costly. Often, athletes first lose to themselves and not to their opponents. At the same time, the power of habits should not be underestimated.

Create a warm-up routine for yourself and repeat it without changes every gaming day. Warm-ups aim to get you into a state of maximum concentration. Over time, repeating the same actions will allow your brain to enter a state of competitive readiness more effectively and, as a result, improve your results.

Rule #4: CS:GO is a team game, but better git gud, too

When you play dozens and hundreds of competitive matches, the only constant is yourself. Good and bad players will come and go on both teams, and their influence will be negligible in the long run. Therefore, it’s not worth wasting mental resources on arguing with teammates. And, even more importantly, it’s not worth insulting anyone because it will likely only worsen the situation.

If a problem can be relatively easily fixed, it’s worth carefully trying to make changes (for example, politely asking a teammate to take less aggressive positions as CT-side). If a problem cannot be solved instantly, it’s not worth your precious attention. Since your mental state, your concentration, and your level of play are within your control, you should focus on them. That doesn’t mean you should focus purely on your stats at the expense of the team play. Don’t be a selfish dork!

Easy way to, right?

Rule #5: don’t ignore CS fundamentals

This useful CS:GO tip will never grow old. If you’re playing CS:GO or CS 2 competitive ranked matchmaking, not platforms like FaceIT, there’s a high probability that your level of play is not exceptionally high. For this reason, don’t forget about the basics of the game. Timings, crosshair placement, useful nade throws, tactics, timings, movement, spray control… How well you have mastered these and many other components? It determines your level of play. We have a whole section of guides on our website where you can find helpful information.

Rule #6: Never Give Up!

Perhaps the most important rule. If you don’t give up, at some point, you start seeing others giving up. This applies to both life and the game. Work on yourself, maintain concentration, and the results will come. Maybe, someday we will witness you becoming the next star of Counter-Strike!

And surely, don’t forget to style up your game with CS.MONEY, an easy way to trade skins.




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