Interview with the creator of AWP Exoskeleton


This author’s debut skin reminds us of aliens hiding in the depths of distant planets, sci-fi movies and the cold endless space!

CS.MONEY presents a series of interviews with the creators of the best skins ever! We’ve spoken with the authors whose works entered the case of Operation Broken Fang.

AWP Exoskeleton

– First of all, congratulations! We are glad to see AWP Exoskeleton in the new case. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you! My name is Rozzy and I’m from the UK. 3D modelling has been a hobby of mine for many years ever since I started modding games back in 2003 starting out as a map maker. I’ve been involved with various modding projects through the years with the most well known being Black Mesa (formerly called Black Mesa: Source) where I joined the team as an environment artist in 2005. I’m self-taught and have been working mostly with the Source engine which is where I learned almost everything I know.

R8 Nerf’d

– That’s your debut skin accepted. How do you feel about that?

Very surprised as I haven’t made many and didn’t really expect any of them to ever get noticed until I built up a bigger portfolio. I made some mistakes with this skin due to me not knowing how the skin system in CSGO worked at the time so I didn’t think it was going to make the grade anyway. I was in the process of making a new and improved version of it but on another weapon taking into account the things I learned the first time around.

AWP Exoskeleton (Blood)

–  AWP Exoskeleton. How did you come up with the idea of this design? Is it inspired by Alien films?

Yes, it was inspired by the Alien films and Giger’s surreal style of melding organic and inorganic objects such as an inhuman looking skull with cables or metal rods coming out of it. Originally the skin was going to be something quite different though (the first iteration was a simple tiling skull texture) and the final design evolved from several previous failed attempts. I never had a solid concept for this skin and I made it up as I went along.

Knife Cobblestone Silver Dagger

– When did you start making skins? Are there any other games except CS that have your skins? What game was first? And how did you decide that you want to make a game skin?

I’ve never made any skins for any CS game before but have for other games. My first ever skin was a badly made Agent Smith skin for a player model in the game C&C Renegade. My first real weapon skin was a replacement for Demoman’s Grenade Launcher in TF2. As for CSGO, it wasn’t until Valve added the ability to use Normal maps that I became interested in making skins as now it was possible to create bumpy detailed surfaces on the weapons rather than be limited to just a flat color texture.

Dual Berettas Euryale

–  As for you, what Broken Fang case skin is the best one?

Tough choice. For me, it’s a split between the “Digital Mesh” and “Gold Bismuth”.




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