Key Mirage Nades: B Site


Mirage is the most popular map in the map pool and one of the oldest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Everyone should know how to play it! CS.MONEY is here to talk about the most essential grenade throws at B Site. 

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Before you start memorizing the grenades below, check out our guide on the mechanics of grenade throwing. We’ve chosen the simplest and most important grenades that work equally well on any tickrate value. 

Let’s start off with the most basic flash for attackers. It should be thrown by the first or second player running towards B Site. To throw it correctly, just aim at the wall near the ledge and make a throw on the run with your left mouse button.

The grenade will either fly through the window to the corner of B Site or bounce off the window opening — and then explode a little closer to the wall. The first option works better, but the second is fine too. This flashbang is key to entering B Site. 

From the position next to you, you can set fire to the one behind the bench. To do this, stand against the corner, aim at the intersection of the center grid and the red cloth in the near window, and throw while walking or on the run. 

Important note: This grenade ignites the position behind the bench and the far corner. Don’t forget to check the near corner, where defensive players are often found protecting B Site. 

The most important grenades when entering the site are smokes: they allow you to cut off most of the troublesome spots. You should start by covering in smoke the passageway from the center of the map. 

One smoke will suffice. Just go to the corner of the house and aim a little to the left of the ledge on the tower. Then, the usual throw. The nade will bounce off the wall, hit the sand a few times, and land exactly in the center of the passage, delaying the enemy’s movement through mid. 

Instead of a Molotov thrown behind the bench, you can opt for a smoke. Note, however, that while it’ll cut off the view from both corners, it won’t protect against a plant. This throw is a piece of cake. Stand against the second roof support beam above the steps, aim a little to the right of the wall, and make the usual throw. With proper skill, minimal pause is required for this throw. 

By combining the two smokes above and this one, you can divide B Site into several areas and thus greatly restrain the positions from which the enemy can fire. To cover the opening from the kitchen with smoke, stand against the grill, find the right spot, and make the usual throw.

The defense side does have some nades up their sleeve as well. For starters: an instant flash into the apartments. It’ll dazzle all attackers at that position and allow a teammate to safely eliminate a couple of enemies — or just check the approach to the site. 

To make this dazzling throw, you need to stand in the corner near the kitchen window, aim at the metal lintel above B Site, and make the usual throw. The flashbang will fly all the way through B Site and then explode as soon as comes into the window. 

This flash can be followed by a smoke thrown into the apartments. Just walk up to the garbage can so that you’re in close proximity to it, aim at the small spot of light on the tarp, and make the usual throw. 

This grenade will fly pretty deep into the apartments and completely block the doorway. This’ll prevent the enemy from reaching the windows or climbing onto the chair. 

There are dozens or even hundreds of nades for B Site on the map Mirage. By using them, you can isolate almost any position, for both defense or attack. CS.MONEY only told you about the most important and simplest grenades. 

Maybe you have a signature grenade throw of your own? If you do, share it with us in the comments below! 




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