Jumpthrow&Walkthrow: CS.MONEY lessons


Grenades are an important part of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay. One well-aimed flash or molly can immensely affect the game results. However, some of them are very difficult to throw. CS.MONEY tells how to set up control for the most accurate and efficient throws.

Throw types

There are four types of throws in CS:GO – from a place, walkthrow, runthrow, and jumpthrow. All of them can have different variations or be combined with each other. For example, you can make a runthrow not only while running but also during walking. Or you can make a throw while running and jumping at the same time.

Two of these four types can be performed without any additional tricks. These standthrows and runthrows. Unless a player makes a mistake, these throws remain the same regardless of settings or the tickrate.

Speed issues

Throws made in a manual mode while walking or jumping cannot be performed with a predictable result. As a matter of fact, the player’s speed during the throw affects the grenade’s trajectory. It is almost impossible to fit the timing of a throw.

Binds are used to solve this problem. Bind is the assignment of a command to a key. For example, the assignment of shooting to the left mouse button would create a bind. The name comes from the console bind command, which reads in its full form as – bind “key” “command”.

Binds for throwing in a jump and from a step

For the correct execution of a jumpthrow or a walkthrow, you need to do everything in two steps. The first step is to hold down the attack button, the left mouse button by default. The second step is to press the key indicated in the bind. An important trick: making a jumpthrow, one keystroke is enough, but when you walk and throw you need to hold down the bind key until the grenade is thrown.

The bind for a jumpthrow looks as follows: bind “key” “+ jump; -attack; -jump”. How does it work? At the moment of pressing the key, it makes the player’s character jump up and somehow press the attack button. This will result in a perfect jumpthrow with a 100% reproducibility.

For jumpthrows, it is important to know the tickrate. On 64 tick servers (ordinary matchmaking) and at 128 tickrate (for example, the FACEIT server) such throws will lead to different results. For some throws these deviations are minimal, for others, the throw can become senseless in one of the options.

To make a walkthrow use the following bind: bind “key” “+ forward; -attack; -forward”. At the moment of pressing the bind, it makes the character move forward and “presses” the attack key. Due to the peculiarities of this throw, pressing the bind key must be long – you cannot release the key until the grenade is thrown.

How to set these binds?

Bind is a console command. To activate the console, you need to change certain game settings or insert the -console command in the launch settings of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In fact, it is better to enter this command directly into the config. The config must be copied and saved to a file. You might later need it in case of reinstalling the game. To create such a config you need to:

  1. Open the Steam library, right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and select Settings in the drop-down menu
  1. In the opened window go to the Browse Local Files tab and click on the Local Files button.
  1. In the opened folder go to the csgo folder, find the cfg folder and open it
  1. In this folder create a new txt file, for example autoexec
  1. Open the file with a text editor and enter the necessary commands and binds into it
  1. Insert the line host_writeconfig at the end of this file
  1. Save the file in cfg format (autoexec.cfg)
  1. Now you need to open the Steam library again, right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and select Settings in the drop-down menu
  1. Select and click Set Launch Options
  1. In the opened window type + exec autoexec.cfg and click OK.

Now, every time you launch the game, all settings from autoexec.cfg will be automatically applied. 

Where to see the throws?

Every week we post new videos with various useful throws in our social media. You can find jumpthrows as well as walkthrows among them. Follow our social media and like those videos. The more likes they get, the more such videos we will post. Use these links to subscribe: Twitter, Facebook, vkontakte, and Instagram.





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