Five Reasons To Try CS:GO Custom Servers


If you come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive only to play matchmaking, you might be surprised of the game’s hidden opportunities and possibilities. Of course, MM is the most important part of CS:GO, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Valve has allowed the community to create (with few limitations, though), and thanks to it, CS is not only a tactical team shooter but much, much more.

In this article, CS.MONEY Blog will tell you why it is worth looking beyond the usual interface and visiting a csgo custom server.

CS:GO Warm-up Maps

Of course, you can run a deathmatch or warm up on custom maps with bots, but on custom servers, you can choose the best format for yourself. For example, you can have a hardcore warm-up on a DM server for 32+ players.

Custom servers provide a much greater variety, and maybe one of them is exactly what you need.

Surf Mode

One of the modes that never appeared in the main client, but at the same time has its dedicated fan base is surfing. Surf in CS:GO uses the game’s physics to its advantage so players can slide on various surfaces. Just look at this fascinating stuff:

Surfing can open up a whole new world inside CS, which will be interesting to return to while trying more and more complex maps.

Hide-and-seek Mode

Another popular mode for playing on dedicated servers is hide-and-seek. Here, you won’t have to shoot anyone down. Instead, you will skillfully guide enemies into traps and feel like a mental game guru.

It is clear that hide-n-seek servers might not suit for everyone, but it’s worth trying at least for fun.


Ask any professional player, and they choose between shooting and moving before telling what’s the most important aspect in CS:GO. Perfect knowledge of the game’s physics and precise coordination can save you from a lost duel. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with honing your movement skills and jumping over obstacles. One of the best modes for this is Bunnyhop. In fact, this is a set of platforms on which you jump so as not to fall into the abyss. The mode trains accuracy and coordination very well.

Of the professional players, acoR is a true master of moving around the map. It’s always a pleasure to watch him:

Testing your skills

No official map will make you test your playing skills the way a csgo custom server can. For example, a challenging map on which we held the CS:GOD show has a variety of obstacles. On it, you will truly test your skills. It will be important to move both quickly and accurately, shoot well and realize your understanding of the game’s mechanics. Look how, for example, kennyS dealt with the (flying axes) tasks:

There is a full set of tasks on the CS:GOD map to assess your level and experience joy when you pass this severe test. Come to the Workshop, subscribe to the map, download and play!

Where can I find interesting custom CS:GO servers?

Basically, you can try third-party services with ready-to-go servers. Browse through Google, for example. But we sincerely recommend XPLAY.GG. They have all the custom CS:GO modes we mentioned above, feel free to explore.




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