Let It Snow: Five CS Winter Maps


The winter holidays are in full swing! Now is the time to share joy with others. You can do this in our beloved Counter-Strike. We have already discussed the Christmas maps you can find in the workshop.

But today, CS.MONEY Blog talks about some winter-themed maps where players can revise different legendary eras of Counter-Strike.


The most famous winter map starts our list, which, even despite its respectable age, is still popular with players. The Office appeared in the distant beta 7.0 or 22 years ago! An office building, snow on the street… and, besides that, one of the most balanced hostage maps. There are places for duels with sniper rifles and short corridors for close combat. An eternal classic about which we couldn’t be silent.


The Militia is another popular hostage scenario map that has gone through all versions of Counter-Strike. It is even older than Office and appeared for the first time in Beta 3.0. Many may be surprised by the inclusion of this map in the list of winter maps: for a long time, the map was in the summer setting, but the CS:GO developers decided to rework it. Now Militia is a winter map


Not all players will remember this map located somewhere in Alaska. The last version of the game where it was available was a very old CS 1.5. Among assassination scenario maps, this one was quite popular. But because this game format was not very popular, Tundra was abandoned, giving way to bomb and hostages scenario maps.



Survivor is an unusual map which did not become a favourite among players. For example, there was only one crate on this map. The map’s creators even made an Easter egg, writing on it: “The Only Crate In The Map!” Another funny detail was that you could fall and lose a lot of health just by walking over one of the bridges. Survivor was significantly different from other maps, and the players did not appreciate this concept, so Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was the last version of the game that featured de_survivor.


Let’s conclude our article with an unofficial (the release in Counter-Strike Online does not count) but wildly popular map. Who knows how many hours were spent on this map? Its simplicity, combined with an overwhelming amount of action, attracted a lot of attention and became one of the founders of a new genre in mapmaking. Even now, you can safely find CS 1.6 servers where battles take place on fy_iceworld or a very similar fy_snow. Sometimes, to get pleasure, it’s enough to turn off your brain and rush into the merciless deathmatch. The creator of fy_iceworld showed us a new facet of the game, for which many thanks!

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