Fracture Case Creators: Interview with 11it


The first skin of this author appeared in the game back in 2015 and completely changed his life. Passion for creation made the 11it artist go into game development and now he creates all sorts of things not only for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

His P90 Freight was inspired by street art. Not surprisingly, his favorite card is Overpass. 11it also shared with us an Easter egg on the P90 Freight. Check it out.

P90 | Ghettoblaster

CS.MONEY presents a series of interviews with the best skin creators! And we start with the artists whose works were recently included in the Fracture Case.

– First of all, congratulations! We are glad to see P90 | Freight in the new case. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you, CS.MONEY for the gratulations and the opportunity for this interview. I am 23 years old, started with the workshop 5 years ago, at the age of 18. It all started more as a hobby I could make in my free time next to my study. Before I started with the workshop I began studying as a communication designer, but after my first rust skin got accepted (November 2015) I realized I wanted to join the game industry… So I started to save up the money I got from my first skin and looked for a new degree course in the game industry. A bit more than a year later I started to study at the SAE Institute for a Game Art & 3D Animation diploma. At this place, I learned the essentials of 3d modeling and game asset creation. And currently, I’m working in an advertising company as a 3d modeler.

–  P90 | Freight. How did you come up with the idea of this design? As we know, this skin has more than one author. Whose idea it was? Tell us please a bit about your team.

–  My idea was to create a passenger train skin, but my friend Senkizh wanted to try a freight train, so we made two versions for every weapon in this collection. I came up with the idea because I see street art and graffiti all over in my city and I really enjoy those. Since a brick wall would not look good on a weapon and would not make sense, we decided to go on a train design. My role in this team was the 3d modeling and base texture, Senkizh provided us with concept ideas and awesome graffiti artworks, Conne and Moonfighter supported us with in-game screenshots, texturing small objects for the rendered scene, and little idea improvements.

– In your workshop there’s a great description of P90 | Freight mentioning street art. And you’ve made lots of skins with graffiti like Wild Style. Do you make street art in your real life?

–  I personally don’t make street art in real life, but I enjoy it a lot. My friend Senkizh is a professional spray paint artist based in Russia, he does awesome street art pieces both digitally and IRL.

UMP – 45 | Wild Style

I can’t help but ask about the Fracture Case in general. Besides your skin, are there any interesting works? Do you have any favorites?

–  All of the skins in the case are really well made and good looking. But my favorites from the Fracture case are the XM1014, PP-Bizon, and the MAC-10.

AK 47 | Battleship Galactic

– When did you start making skins? Are there any other games except CS that have your skins? What game was first? And how did you decide that you want to make a game skin?

I started making skins in 2015. Back in the days, I made a lot of skins for the Unturned and Rust Workshop and my first accepted design was in the Rust Workshop. I decided to make skins because it was always a passion for me to create new things or designs for the games I enjoyed the most. Also, the Steam Workshop was the perfect opportunity for me to grow as a 3D and Graphic Designer.

M249 | Chicken Army

– Where do you get the inspiration for your works? Favorite books? Movies?

–  The most inspiration I get is when I talk to my friends, but also a lot of inspiration is coming from a wide spectrum of movies that I watch. 

AWP | Goose

–   Why make skins at all? Is it profitable or so, for the soul?

I started making skins to get my first foot into the game industry and because it was just an awesome opportunity to create something for a big game, as a Counter-Strike.

Sticker Hipster Chicken

– Do you play CS? And if you do play CS then what is your favourite skin in your inventory? Do you play with your own skins?

–  Today I only play Casual Counter-Strike, But like 4 years ago I played a lot of competitive games with my friends. My favorite skin I had was the Glock | Fade. But my current favorite in my inventory is the UMP-45 | Exposure.

UMP-45 | London Tour Bus

– What is your favourite weapon in CS:GO?

–  I really enjoy playing with AWP or Scout (SSG08).

AWP | Trainbombing

– And what about favourite maps? Do you have one?

My favorite map is definitely the Overpass.

– Are you interested in CS GO tournaments? And what’s your favorite team if you do?

I watched a couple of tournaments, but I never really had a favorite team.

P2000 | Lone Lagune

– And back to the art. What are your favourite skins? No matter is it your art or maybe there are some other artists’ skins that you like?

–  I love all the skins from the skin designer Millenia. He is a legend when it comes to normal mapped skins.

G3SG1 | Magic Garden

– Will we see some easter eggs in your skins?

–  Yes, we include one easter egg on the skin. The graffiti says “kingping” instead of “kingpin”.

– What is your advice to those who want to become an artist?  What advice can you give to those who are just thinking about creating the first skin?

–  Definitely check out Hollandje and Coridium tutorials on Youtube, both are great artists with multiple accepted weapon designs.




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