Five Amazing BLAST Maps Available to Everyone


This year is about to be concluded with its notorious final tournament: BLAST Premier World Final 2022, held in Abu Dhabi, welcomes eight teams to compete for one million dollars. We are in for a phenomenal top-class competition, as BLAST always does. Indeed, this was approved by Valve, who gave the Danish TO rights to hold a Major in the upcoming May.

But in addition to high-quality production and a unique tournament system, BLAST has always had fascinating show matches. And not only in terms of invited stars (as, for example, it was at the Fall Finals, where the Danish national team and FC Arsenal legend Nicklas Bendtner took part), but also incredibly fun and enjoyable. And all thanks to unusual maps. Of course, one thing is to show everyone total chaos on Anubis, but launching pro players into the arena of their own production to see them clash one-on-one is unreachable entertainment. Like, for example, s1mple vs zonic in 2019!

CS.MONEY Blog shows five maps used in BLAST show matches for any taste: serious, funny, and competitive. These maps are available to everyone so you can make a similar show match with your friends!

Blast Pro Series Aim Map 1vs1

This rather old map can still serve as a great example of mapmaking from the CS 1.6 era: perfect for duelling with any weapon. It has shelters and shadows, but the main thing is that you first need to reach decent weapons—a great entertainment option from 2018. This map has been originally made by XMNF.

Betway FFA BLAST Spring 2022

Another duelling map, although nothing prevents you from making an absolute hell on it, calling five or six pals and giving Bisons to everyone. Seriously though, this one is located on… the Vertigo skyscraper, slightly redesigned. A map with neutral and familiar textures was used at a tourney at the beginning of 2022, although it was created quite a while ago, getting updates later and fixed to become neat.

BLAST Performance

Let’s move on to a much brighter map, where the task is to outperform the opponents, not kill them: time, accuracy, quality. Points are awarded for each action, so you can get into the leaderboard or create your own. There’s even a recoil control test!

Flamie and Perfecto had a lot of fun and found out who was better two years ago. Jump straight to the Workshop, download it and arrange a test for yourself and your friends.

BLAST Stand-Off

Another Vertigo skyscraper map, but reworked and redesigned: now, in BLAST colours and intended for 1v1 or 3v3. It also has traps to trick other players. This option is for serious duels.


And although the whole CS:GO community was waiting for Tuscan to be added to the map pool after the Rio Major, Valve, in their own style, do what they think is better. Nevertheless, BLAST held a show match on this wonderful map: bright, pleasant, balanced and unbugged. You should play a couple of matches here because, who knows, maybe in six months, Valve might bring the roulette back again and add it instead of Ancient, for example.

By the way, did you know that CS.MONEY also has its own map? It’s a surf+aim challenge with huge axes and ruthless bots. KennyS, Anomaly and Furiousss have already passed it! Watch it on YouTube and find the link to the map there.




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