Interview with a crypto millionaire who stormed into the CS:GO market


We spoke with trader and collector of rare skins Lunar, who managed to build one of the most expensive inventories in the history of CS:GO from scratch — and that’s in less than two weeks. The CS.MONEY blog decided to ask the newly-minted trader about his ideas and goals in the world of skins, as well as about his background in the cryptocurrency market.

— First, tell us briefly about yourself

I’m a crypto investor, a skin trader, and collector. In 2014, I first heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as such. After studying this topic in greater detail, I developed a keen interest for it. Most people would’ve passed it all by, but I decided to explore the world of cryptocurrency further, which helped me realize it has great potential. I invested a small part of my money in Bitcoin at a price of about $400 and waited for further developments. I remembered about it in the middle of 2017, when the rate was about $5000 and everyone was talking about Bitcoin.

— What prompted you to invest in skins?

I was familiar with the skin market before, but didn’t take it seriously. When I saw the great potential growth this market possesses, I decided to invest some of my money in it. I buy the items that I think have a better chance of bringing profit in the long run.

— Have there been any difficulties in this enterprise of yours?

No, there haven’t been any problems or difficulties.

— What are the pitfalls of skin trading?

Low liquidity and a week-long block when transferring items.

— Why do you invest in these two types of gloves, Driver Gloves Black Tie, and Moto Gloves Blood Pressure? You just like their design, or is there some secret? 

I believe they’re underrated and see a demand for them in the future.

— In what CS:GO skins would you recommend investing right now? 

In the cases that have gloves, as well as AWP The Prince, AWP Gungnir, M4A4 Howl, and other rare skins that will no longer be in circulation.

How long do you plan to keep all these Titan (Holo) stickers in your inventory?

There’s no exact date when I plan to start selling them. I’m going to keep the items and watch the price fluctuations, and maybe sell some in a few years, depending on their price at that time.

— Why did you decide to rub the souvenir stickers from that Katowice 2014 Candy Apple? 

Because I didn’t like them. I only bought that Glock-18 because of its unique Float (the lowest one currently available), and then I applied stickers that caught my eye. My intention was to use that Glock-18 in-game.

— What advice would you give to budding traders?

If you really want to succeed, absorb as much knowledge and information as possible, set goals and try to reach them, learn to find opportunities and potential in anything, never give up, and of course, think for yourself.

That’s all we’ve learned from Lunar today. If you want to be a successful trader too, check out our website. It’s exciting here!




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