Let It Snow: Five CS:GO Winter Maps


Our Christmas mood is in full swing! Even though we do not doubt your FACEIT level and overall skills, it’s cool to sometimes try new things on, don’t you agree? CS.MONEY Blog got you covered for this matter: we browsed many workshop maps and found the five most interesting. Props to the workshop community because people have made some decent stuff, but this time, obviously, is all about Christmas and winter-themed maps.

Christmas Town

One of the most popular and recent custom maps. Imagine playing CS:GO, but in Minecraft. Wait, it’s not cringy; on the contrary, these cubes resemble only good vibes. There’s a giant decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the map and dozens of gift boxes. If you want to catch the Christmas mood, this is the right choice.


The Christmas version of the awp_lego map offers us a usual and known sniper rifle competition. It’s not a new type of map, but it is worth giving a shot since it helps to practice AWP considering the recent nerf. After all, five bullets in your clip will definitely not be enough when you have twenty people on the server.

Winter Warfare

Fans of Day of Defeat or old Call of Duty vibes can try one map with an exciting concept. It has minimum decorations, and the whole map is shrouded in snow fog. You can only hear, not see. Winter Warfare is great to test your senses, maybe even the sixth. This is not a usual CS:GO map!

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|BHOP| Easy Xmas

Any movement enjoyers reading the article? We’ve picked one hell of a map for you. Starting simple, it is an extremely fun map. Its advantage is that you can play it both at full concentration and with a hangover; it is suitable for beginners, casual players, and even hardcore fans. And if you consider yourself a CS:GOD, pay attention to our map, which, for example, broke kennyS.


This one is a large winter map with hostages. True, it has a few door bugs, but this is more than compensated by the Christmas atmosphere. Frank Sinatra’s velvet voice singing in the background, something performed by a church choir, warm and cosy interiors of houses… Even reading this brings good vibes, so all this is worth giving a chance.

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