Checking Skins Prices: Trading 101


You’ve just dropped a neat knife out of a case, and now you want to sell it. But how much can a CS:GO knife cost? How can you verify and review prices? It’s a complex question to answer, CS.MONEY Blog can tell how to evaluate your skin best.

Popular CS:GO Skins’ Prices

Let’s start with the most straightforward thing: learning popular skins’ prices. For example, AK-47 Slate Minimal Wear. This skin costs approximately $6. Dozens are sold daily; therefore, its current price is easy to track on our wiki, where you can clearly see the price change chart.

AK-47 Slate Minimal Wear

Most popular CS:GO skins usually have price tags of around $100, and some charts are easy to read and show everything you need. Moreover, such charts allow you to track trends. If the price rises, you can set it a little higher to gain profit!

How Can I Learn Correct Knife Price?

It’s not so easy to find true costs knives, gloves, or rare skins. At least, not as easy as finding the right price for M4A4 Desolate Space. The main problem is that all rare items are rarely listed on Steam Market or other platforms. Therefore, sales information might not be relevant. However, it is still one of the best sources. For example, Bayonet Crimson Web Minimal Wear costs between $500 and $600. This is evidenced by the price of knives sold over the past year.

Even if the last sale happened long ago, you can always choose the safe path and set the price 10-15% higher. If the price tag is too high, you can always lower it a little and find a buyer.

Price Factors

Many factors influence skin prices: float and pattern, stickers, and even the collection it drops from. Rare patterns are worth more than common ones, obviously. Even not-that-expensive skins like AWP PAW can differ in price depending on if there’s a golden cat displayed on the side, which is a rare pattern. The rarer and more expensive the skin, the stronger the pattern affects its value.

Same works with float. The lower it is, the higher the price premium. In extreme cases, such as an AK-47 Redline with a float close to 0.1001, the price tag can increase several times. Note that it will not be a big deal for ordinary cases, adding only a few per cent.

AK-47 Redline with a float close to 0.1001

Also, a skin’s price is affected by a StatTrak counter. By the way, speaking of knives, this counter will have almost no effect on price. However, usual skins may receive a 2x increase in cost by having ST. The easiest option is to calculate the cost of the skin without StatTrak and then multiply the result by two. As a result, you will get an approximate market price.

Finally, CS:GO also has unique cases: some skins only exist in tens or even fewer numbers totally. For example, only 30 Stiletto Knife Crimson Web Factory New items exist. Their price is at least $2,000. It’s a great starting price. After that, it is worth evaluating the float and pattern if it affects the price tag and adjusting the price accordingly. 

How Stickers Affect CS:GO Skins Prices?

Last but not least. Stickers can cost a lot, and assessing their impact on the price is tricky. The main catch: the most significant cost boosts are given when combining skins and stickers of the same rarity and awesomeness level. Here’s an example: let’s say you have four Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014 stickers and two skins, P250 Sand Dune and AWP Dragon Lore.

P250 Sand Dune and Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014

These four Titan (Holo) Katowice 2014 stickers will add very little to P250 Sand Dune’s price, considering the cost of the stickers. At the same time, applied to AWP Dragon Lore, its cost can increase by 30% of the stickers and even more. A huge difference! For normal combos, the safest option is to increase the cost of the skin by 10% of the applied stickers value. In this case, you can get about the market price.

How To Check Rare CS:GO Skins Prices

Let’s summarise. In order to learn prices for rare skins in CS:GO, the best and easiest way is to check the sales history. The vast majority of skins, even the most legendary ones, have their price charts which will help as a guide. Adjusting prices by float, pattern and stickers makes things a little more complicated, but eventually, you can get learn it and set fair prices. This is the easiest, fastest and most accurate option.

If you have a knife or a pair of gloves in your inventory and someone has approached you already with offers to buy, take your time and don’t haste. Before selling, always check the current value of your skin so as not to sell too cheaply. Inexperienced traders can easily become victims of sharking (when someone buys a skin at a reduced price), so checking prices will help to avoid unsuccessful trades. To learn more about protecting your skins, be sure to read our How to dodge scammers article and always remember not to rush into a deal. It’s best to double-check everything.




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