M4A4 vs M4A1-S: What’s The Difference?


Throughout the history of humankind, three very important questions were never answered: who built the Pyramids, why did the Mayans disappear all of a sudden, and which gun is better in CS:GO, M4A4 or M4A1-S. Jokes aside, it’s really a crucial matter to decide while playing for CTs. Today, CS.MONEY Blog finds out which M4 is better: M4A4 vs M4A1-S. Having similar characteristics, they are still different: one suits lurkers more, and the other one works as a great anchor weapon.

m4a4 vs m4a1-s which gun is better guide csgo

By the way, have you seen the newest CS:GO case? The Anubis Collection presented skins for both M4A4 and M4A1-S! You can browse through the new skins here. And as always, all M4A4 and M4A1-S are available at CS.MONEY.

Skins For M4A4 & M4A1-S

As mentioned above, both rifles’ main characteristics are pretty close. So when choosing which M4 to play with, we suggest focusing on skins. Both guns have an impressive selection of designs. M4A4 has 39 skins, while M4A1-S has 35.

Weapon finishes for both guns come in a variety of colours and styles. And obviously, different price categories: ranging from a dollar for a piece to skins worth thousands. For example, at CS.MONEY you can buy one of the best skins from the latest Revolution Case, namely M4A4 Temukau. Or M4A1-S Cyrex. Come to the market and choose for yourself.

M4A1-S: Boreal Forest, Leaded Glass, Decimator

M4A1-S: Boreal Forest, Leaded Glass, Decimator

We chose the three best skins for M4A1-S, dividing them by price category. Best M4A1-S budget skin? Surely, Boreal Forest. Priced just a few cents, this camouflaged weapon finish looks noticeably better than the default M4A1-S. Or, you could spend a little more and get a Leaded Glass instead: a shiny, kaleidoscopic skin that looks good in CS:GO and will look even better in CS2. Finally, if you want to spill some cash, decorate your inventory with M4A1-S Decimator. This skin will cost two or three dozen dollars, but it also looks much more optimistic.

M4A4: Neo-Noir, The Emperor, Cyber Security

M4A4: Neo-Noir, The Emperor, Cyber Security

But what about the best skins for M4A4? We chose Neo-Noir, Cyber Security and The Emperor. The first two are pretty affordable (FN for about 50-70 dollars), but we suggest paying attention to Field-Tested skins, available for up to $20. And the third skin is expensive, but really chic and, moreover, meaningful! Taro Cards tell your future. The luxurious gold with deep blue draws attention and blends perfectly.

M4A4 vs M4A1-S: which gun is better?

And if skins are insufficient for your reason, let’s get to numbers. To unleash the fullest potential of both weapons, we need to take a closer look at how they work and which situations they can possibly suit for. To do this, we will use dry statistics and both guns’ parameters. So, M4A4 and M4A1-S have the same:

  • Movement speed
  • Armour penetration
  • Bullet power
  • Reload time
  • Almost exact accuracy

Still, there are differences. M4A4 is $200 more expensive, $3100 to $2900. This rifle also has a higher rate of fire: 666.67 rounds per minute versus 600 of M4A1-S. Magazines also vary: A4 has 30 bullets per magazine, 10 more than A1-S. The overall ammo capacity is correspondingly higher, 120 rounds versus 100. Finally, M4A4 has a higher headshot damage multiplier and lower damage falloff in terms of distance.

In contrast, M4A1-S has better base damage. Each shot deals 38 units, which is the best among automatic rifles. M4A4 has only 33 damage units. The second significant advantage of A1-S is that you can use the silencer. More precisely, Valve makes it worn by default, and we strongly recommend not removing it. The picture below graphically displays the ups and downs of M4A1-S vs M4A4.

M4A4 vs M4A1-S Ups and Downs

Silencer is the game-changer

We have to separately note M4A1-S’s muffler, also known as the Silencer. It has two important properties that you need to be aware of, and that can be used during the game. First, the Silencer completely removes shot tracers. This means you can use M4A1-S to pierce smoke screens safely, and no one will know your location.

The second, and even more critical point, is that at a distance of 800 units, or approximately 20 meters, M4A1-S shot sounds disappear entirely. This gives a considerable boost when flanking your enemies because they won’t even figure out where they got shot from. So, it hints at something crucial about the M4A1-S gameplay you must execute to maximize the gun’s potential. 

What Should I Choose: M4A4 or M4A1-S?

The choice between these two rifles depends on how you prefer to play. If you’re an anchor holding close positions or play aggressively in close combats, M4A4 might be the best choice due to its high rate of fire and a larger magazine. With such a gun, it is easier to interrupt or wavecut rushes or organise a prolonged fight.

If you’re more likely to play at long range or move around the map trying to get behind your opponents, M4A1-S with a suppressor will do much good. We also note the fact that the A1-S recoil pattern is a little easier to control, which helps a lot in long-range skirmishes. Surely, just try both guns to determine which M4 is the best for you. This is the only way to choose the right one.

And for if you need skins for M4A4 or M4A1-S, just jump to CS.MONEY.




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