Four Ways To Earn In CS:GO!


Thanks to skins, trading, creating, esports, and much more, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allows you to earn real money. Shortly, people have several popular methods of how to make money on CS:GO, which CS.MONEY Blog will tell you about it right now. We underline the four primary ones.

four best ways to earn money and profit in csgo

Skins Trading: studying the market and the long game

Let’s start with the most obvious and, at first glance, simple way to make money in CS:GO. The secret is that this is a long game and requires patience and constant market research, almost as a real job.

CS:GO has more than a thousand different skins. Some are worth only a few cents, others will cost like a new automobile. The prices depend on the skin’s rarity and the demand. Indeed and additionally, many various factors can affect skins prices. For example, whenever Valve releases new Operations, people tend to sell skins to buy it in its first days, which drops skins costs significantly. Also, on the contrary, prices grow a little when the season gets closer to the end. Knowing these and many other factors, you can buy skins cheaper and sell them more expensive.

trading is the best way to earn money in csgo
This could be you.

Another noteworthy point is that most skins increase in price over time. For example, the cost of AK-47 Bloodsport Minimal Wear has more than doubled in five years. Or look at M4A1-S Printstream Minimal Wear: it is now three times more expensive than it was when it was released a few years ago. The same applies to stickers, although, of course, they’re way too random, depend on outside-of-the-game stuff and are basically a greater and, therefore, a rewarding risk. So, for example, BLAST Paris Major 2023 capsules can be a good investment, and here we discuss why.

So if you want to earn money by investing in skins or trading, which is one of the best ways to earn in CS:GO, you can fill your inventory with investments right now. Jump to CS.MONEY Trade and buy skins quickly and cheaper than on Steam Marketplace.

Case Opening: luck and luck only

The second way to make money in CS:GO is related to luck and is not as reliable as the first.

All cases in CS:GO have an expected ROI below 100%. This means that by opening, for example, a thousand Horizon Cases, you will spend at least $2500, but in skins, you will get only about $1250 back. Sounds sad, right? Huge losses.

open cases for profit
Feeling lucky?

There are two ways to avoid losses in case opening. First: simply don’t do it; it’s too risky. Second: sell your soul to become lucky. Surely, pulling out a rare item from a case is profitable. But we warn you again: it’s not a guaranteed way to earn money in CS:GO. In fact, this is a lottery, where everything depends on chances, luck, etc. And it’s not about maths either because you can’t calculate the odds.

Still, if you want to gamble a little, which is okay if you don’t overspend too much, you can always get cases cheaper than Steam at CS.MONEY Trade.

Creating Skins: hard work and Faith

This is the most profitable and profitable way to earn on CS:GO.

Most CS:GO skins were not created by Valve, in case you didn’t know, but by third-party artists, or as we call them in the community, the skin creators. Basically, they create skins and publish them on Steam Workshop. When the CS:GO development team prepares a new case for release, they select skins from the Workshop and add them to the case. Skin creators receive an equal % of case sales, not depending on their skin’s rarity. Well, these are impressive sums that can change lives. For example, JTPNZ was able to pay for his studies at an American college with his Printstreams; De Puiseau runs his own game development studio partly funded by SG553 Heavy Metal, MAC-10 Pipe Down and P90 Vent Rush; and Madara, the creator of two skins from the Revolution Case, including that AWP, opened a tattoo studio. Now you get it?

earn in csgo by creating skins
Create skins to earn the most.

But this way has a problem. Valve releases 2-3 cases a year, each with 17 skins. This means 35-50 skins per year. People upload a lot more skins to the Workshop daily, so the chance of getting into the next case is not that high. At the same time, the community has not yet been able to determine the algorithm by which Valve developers choose skins. Therefore, getting into a case is a matter not only of the artist’s skill but also of their luck. But most likely, if the developers put you on their list once, with a high probability, they will use your other skins, too.

By the way, you can read interviews with skin creators on our Blog, just follow this special tag and choose.

Esports: talent and will

Another way to make money in CS:GO is esports. Prize money for prestigious tournaments is set for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But you can earn money in esports not only by winning Majors, BLASTs, ESLs or IEMs. For example, you can try to get into the FPL and be good at it. This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s still realistic. If you succeed, you will be able to earn money by your pure skill, and maybe esports teams will show their interest in you.

earn in csgo as eports player
Become a new star in CS 2.

There is another way to make money on esports: betting. Surely, it’s associated with a number of difficulties and risks. First, bets obviously don’t guarantee success. It is complicated to predict the outcomes or events. There’s no need for deep research: just recall the BLAST Paris Major. Only a few geniuses could’ve expected the two teams to play in the Grand Finals. Second, betting can be limited by laws. Therefore, it is worth checking if it’s legal before doing this. Of course, we disapprove of this way: bet responsibly. But we cannot exclude it from the list because it still could be profitable.

What is the most reliable way to make money in CS:GO?

Let’s be honest. The easiest and most reliable way of making money in CS:GO is trading skins. It’s a win-win investment that pays off depending on how much money and time you put into it. You can even earn money simply by investing in skins because the price of many of them grows drastically over time. Add to that the upcoming release of CS 2, which will definitely skyrocket the market in general.

Naturally, the best way to buy skins for investment is on CS.MONEY Trade. We have a great filter system, a friendly interface and quick deals. It’s the easiest way to Trade with prices lower than Steam. So, if you want to start making money on CS:GO, go get it!




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