Achievement Unlocked: Pro Plays Worth Steam Notifications


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released so long ago that some people could actually forget about the 167 Steam achievements it has. Most of them are not that fun: Earn $2,500,000 Total Cash or Kill 250 Enemies With Headshots, but some are not trivial.

CS.MONEY Blog decided to look into the highlights of the professional scene that could trigger Steam notification systems.

Magic Bullet

Let’s start with one of the ordinary csgo achievements. We could think of lots and lots of different highlights, but one worth remembering is undoubtedly the grand pistol round by Device at Berlin Major. Many community members wanted Valve to do a memorable graffiti after this play, but unfortunately, that did not happen. Three HP, three bullets, three headshots, and a won round. That was superb!

Ammo Conservation

Device may not get his graffiti yet, but Coldzera did. We all remember that incredible four kills on Mirage against Team Liquid. But can you recall the two victims of a second bullet? Just a two-time best player in the world s1mple and a five-time member of the Top-20 of the Year list, EliGE. The greatness of this moment is off the charts!

Head Shred Redemption

Just scoring an ace with five headshots alone is a worthy achievement, which is even harder to do in a pro match. Yet, Xms did it against Team Kinguin during the Krakow EU Minor:

Street Fighter

And it’s Device once again! During ECS Season 2, the Dane woke his inner Rambo and knived two opponents to win a round!

Premature Burial and Defuse This!

While Device has unlocked two achievements in steam with two different highlights, Happy managed to score two achievements with just one! Oh boy, what a highlight that was. Cluj-Napoca Major finals, 13:12 on Train, a crucial round for both sides, and Team EnVyUs managed to win it spectacularly. 100% worth watching even if you remember it well because this is one of the most clutch grenades in the history of competitive CS:GO.

Three the Hard Way

Jokingly, this steam achievement should be named after late legend Kobe Bryant, but it’s pretty problematic to accomplish such an action, especially in the official matches. Usually, this happens when several players almost simultaneously throw grenades in one direction. During Atlanta Major, VP.TaZ, alongside PaszaBiceps, threw HE grenades, and the latter managed to strike Gambit players out!

Dead Man Stalking

If you have at least one HP, you are not done. Many proved that simple truth, but none has done it better than k1to. During v4 Future Esports Festival, he scored an ace… while having only one HP! Wunderbar!

Which moment worth of achievement could you also remember?




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