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Valve recently broke its silence and released a new case in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. We looked into all the new items from Revolution Case in detail, but it’s time to talk about how the community met these skins. In this article, CS.MONEY Blog will highlight the most popular, discussed, and simply the best skins in CS:GO you can drop from Revolution Case.

Is AK-47 Head Shot the best skin for AK in CS:GO?

Let’s start with the skin that has attracted the most attention from the community. It’s not just the rarity of the skin (after all, most of CS:GO enjoyers won’t be surprised by a red AK-47), but its effects. This glow and shimmer boosts AK-47 Head Shot’s selling factors because it not only looks well, it combos nicely with most holo stickers!

At the same time, the skin has not yet gained cult status, and it is currently moderately expensive compared to other AK-47s.

Anime Skin M4A4 Temukau

M4A4 with a cute anime girl is the most expensive skin in the Revolution case, which is not surprising: anime sells well, and people have been waiting for the new Akihabara Accept for a long time. This rifle has all the potential to become one of the most popular CS:GO skins.

Some community members had certain questions about the originality of the design of M4A4 Temukau and AWP Doodle Lore. We will not speculate on this topic because copyrights and intellectual property are important. Valve treats them extremely responsibly. So let’s not haste into judgement since the developers didn’t make a statement on M4A4… 

AWP Duality, the newest CS:GO skin!

… but they did it on AWP Doodle Lore! Some people in the community were waiting for the sequel of the contraband rarity saga. Valve decided to go the other way. The game developer entirely changed the skin in CS:GO, and all existing Doodle Lore skins were converted to AWP Duality.

This sniper rifle has references to the famous Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai, who is most famous for his artwork “The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”

The design works perfectly well with the Revolution case theme. This skin, decorated with gorgeous patterns, will find its fans. Funnily, for now, we can name not only the newest CS:GO case — the Revolution — but the one and only newest CS:GO skin: meet AWP Duality!

P2000 Wicked Sick: Could P2000 skins bring the gun back?

Interestingly, if you look at Steam Marketplace, one of the rarest skins of the Revolution case is this P2000’s Wicked Sick. The fewer open positions on the market, the more people like the skin since they are in no hurry to sell it.

Wicked Sick is ahead of all other skins of the same rarity by a margin, and in some qualities, it is even ahead of Temukau and Head Shot. We can safely say that this P2000 skin turned out to be extremely successful.

MP9 Featherweight: Do you like its white concept more?

Considering skins of Blue rarity, the unequivocal winner here is MP9 Featherweight. A lot of players liked this light and modest design. It’s simple but spectacular. The only regret we often had to read is that Valve abandoned the original colour scheme of the skin. A significant number of players liked the white+turquoise combo, but Valve included the darker version of this submachine gun to the game client.

R8 Revolver Banana Cannon, best CS:GO skin for the gun no one needs

Finally, we can’t help but mention the new R8 Revolver skin. Even though this gun has been out of the meta for a very long time, the demand for Banana Cannon is quite great. This skin immediately took off to the first place in price among all R8s, and many liked the banana theme and its execution.

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