Revolution Case, New Stickers, Meme Music Kit: CS:GO Update Breakdown

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It’s happening, everyone. Stay calm! 

But jokes aside, it took only to set a record for the days between CS:GO cases for Valve in order to release a new one (224 days). The update was released on February 10 and introduced three new global items: Revolution Case, Espionage Sticker Capsule, and, what was the biggest (and pleasant) surprise, a music set from the legendary Denzel Curry called ULTIMATE. 

CS.MONEY Blog briefly discusses the recent update and its three pillars, but let’s start with the music!


Denzel Curry is an American hip-hop artist. He became widely known for his song, ULTIMATE, which became a banger and blew up social media with a neat beat and huge meme potential.

Now you don’t have to turn on any music separately for epic clutches. Absolutely great idea from the developers! But the set includes not only Denzel’s one song. The video below answers how the ULTIMATE music kit sounds in CS:GO.

What’s inside the Espionage capsule?

Let’s leave the dessert for later and talk about stickers now. The new capsule traditionally costs $0.99, but generally, the stickers are quite ordinary: a few meme-ish ones, a couple of close-to-art examples, and some look pretty usual. Of course, everyone will find a great option for themselves.

Best Espionage sticker capsule sticker (CS.MONEY Blog opinion): 

  • Infinite Triangle has a great combo potential which will suit many skins
  • Mind Games is yet another CS:GO jojo reference
  • Sting Like A Butterfly is an obvious reference to Mohammad Ali, and, at the same time, a lesson: if you have a dope knife, you don’t need to run and try to kill everyone with it; it’s a huge risk!

All Espionage capsule stickers:

Skins From Revolution Case

And now to the most important part. It is interesting and perhaps even ironic that the Revolution case includes very colourful designs and THREE anime skins. Is this some kind of a hint from the developers? Or just a coincidence? However, let’s take a look.

List of Revolution Case skins:

  • M4A4 Temukau (RED)
  • AK-47 Headshot (RED)
  • AWP Doodle Lore (PINK)
  • UMP45 Wild Child (PINK)
  • P2000 Wicked Sick (PINK)
  • P90 Neoqueen (PURPLE)
  • R8 Revolver Banana Cannon (PURPLE)
  • M4A1-S Feeding Frenzy (PURPLE)
  • MAC-10 Sakkaku (PURPLE)
  • Glock-18 Umbral Rabbit (PURPLE)
  • SG553 Cyberforce (BLUE)
  • MP5 Liquidation (BLUE)
  • MAG-7 Insomnia (BLUE)
  • SCAR-20 Fragments (BLUE)
  • P250 Re.built (BLUE)
  • MP9 Featherweight (BLUE)
  • Tec-9 Rebel (BLUE)

And the gloves from the Clutch series are the super-rare drop. All of these skins will become available for trading in seven days when the Steam Marketplace tradelock fades. Of course, all of them will be available on CS.MONEY Market, where you can exchange skins without bots and with the possibility of cash withdrawal! In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the most interesting skins.

M4A4 Temukau 

Probably the best skin in the Revolution case and the main competitor of AUG Akihabara Accept. M4A4 Temukau is a new well-made anime skin in CS:GO. And a Reddit user r/AaronToaster, has translated all the writing on it, so let’s learn Japanese together!

M4A4 Temukau

AK-47 Headshot

Its name says it all. And the graffiti is easy to read yet still looks chic. True, such a bright skin is unlikely to be well combined with stickers, but it is good as an independent unit. Plus, it glows really cool! Look for yourself!

AK-47 Headshot

AWP Doodle Lore

A serious competitor for Dragon Lore. But this is more of a meme skin than something claiming a place next to the legends. However, the dragon itself is very beautiful, and the reference to the pink and black textures from CS:Source is cool.

AWP Doodle Lore

UMP-45 Wild Child

Clutch or Kick looks decent. This skin also has five skulls on its handle, which most likely means Ace. Wild Child also has a lot of inscriptions: Don’t Be a Loser, Buy a Defuser; Ultra skill, global fm; 0-0-16 (GuardiaN reference?); and Piu Piu (just a cute thing).

UMP-45 Wild Child

P90 Neoqueen

This one is a craft made by the iconic skinmaker madara. As always from this artist, the skin is very detailed, drawn at the highest level and looks non-standard. We recommend inspecting it closely!

P90 Neoqueen

MAC-10 Sakkaku 

MAC-10 Sakkaku skin clearly implies something more than just the face of an anime waifu. We assume this is a reference to the cult anime, and here’s why.

Quoting the creator:

You think I am looking at you, but it’s just an illusion. The Japanese word “Sakkaku” means illusion. Drawing made by my little sister’s instagram: asell_ismailova. She’s only 13, so I’m acting as a collaborator.

But the girl on the skin is incredibly similar to the main character of Serial Experiments Lain, the anime TV series. At the beginning of its opening, after the phrase present day, present time there’s a noise screen showing a picture of a girl. Does she look like the girl from the skin? Absolutely. Is this a reference? We hope one day to find out.

MAC-10 Sakkaku 

MP9 Featherweight 

A weapon finish by the wonderful cimota and namejeff21. This is a debut for namejeff21, but cimota has already appeared in the game with P250 Visions: we have a separate interview about this skin and its creators! Below is what one of the concepts of this skin looked like: completely white with blue, although in the game, it is now an absolutely black skin. Most likely, this is a reference to a new generation of mice made with a plastic mesh to reduce weight and let your hand breathe.

MP9 Featherweight 

And a couple more exciting facts about skins from Revolution Case:

  • SG553 Cyberforce has an apparent Illuminati reference
  • SCAR-20 Fragments is brilliantly crafted, and the pearlescent effect changes the feel of the skin drastically
  • Glock 18 Umbral Rabbit was originally called Moonlight Rabbit, and its idea is pretty clear: the Chinese lunar calendar and the year of the Rabbit (Hare)
  • M4A1-S Feeding Frenze is one huge reference to the iconic Jurassic Park film series
  • We had an interview with Kattys, the creator of Tec-9 Rebel.

What is your favourite skin from the new case? Share your thoughts below! By the way, need to sell your Revolution skins? CS.MONEY Market is the best place! Low fees, quick cash withdrawal and no bots!




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