First details of Tuscan development by Catfood


Youtube-blogger Gabefollower published a short interview with Catfood, one of the developers of the new version of Tuscan for CS:GO.

We present the main points from the interview.

• The first CS:GO version of Tuscan had flaws in both the gameplay and visual parts, so Catfood thought that now it would be better to start from scratch.

• Some locations on Tuscan will be wider and more open, in addition mapdevs will add more wallbangs.

• At the moment, devs have decided to stick to the original map layout from CS 1.6. Catfood believes that the map has been preserved in good condition, and no major changes will be required, but the question of additional changes will be resolved after the first gameplay tests.

• The time frame for developing the map is unknown – there is still a lot of work on Tuscan. Catfood has been working on the map for the last couple of months and hopes to be able to specify approximate dates for the Tuscan open beta test within 1-2 months.

• Nobody from Valve have contacted map developers on the subject of Tuscan.

• So far, at least one easter egg is planned on the map, the question of adding the rest will be decided later.

• One of the easter eggs may be a reference to Edward’s Tuscan pistol ace in CS 1.6 in the match against fnatic.

• Next factions are in use on Tuscan right now: SAS (CT) & Anarchists (T).

• For now mapdevs are working only on the main version of the map, the possibility of creating Tuscan for Wingman mode will be decided later (but Catfood thinks some parts of Tuscan will fit Wingman well).

To participate in closed beta of Tuscan you can contact Catfood via DM:

Twitter: @catfood_maps
Discord: сatfood#3806

The priority is given to pro and high-level players.

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