No Gift Cards! Better Xmas Gifts Alternatives


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Winter’s brightest holiday is approaching; therefore, the time to wrap and receive gifts is here. Lack ideas for presents? Gamers will always be happy with gift cards since it’s a great option that gives freedom of choice—however, CS.MONEY Blog has developed an exciting alternative to Steam Gift Cards for all CS:GO fans: skins! Maybe, your friend has long dreamed of a particular AWP skin or, for example, did not have time to update their M4A4 after the recent update.

We have selected fifteen skins of different prices per Steam Gift Card (five, ten, twenty-five, fifty and one hundred dollars). All of them are pleasing to the eye and can even work as promising investments, so anyone, even the most capricious taste, will get neat presents!

By the way, before we start, we advise you to drop by our celebratory XMAS DROP event: we raffle literally a hundred skins, including knives and gloves. Complete tasks, enter promo codes (similar to GameChanger Hub) and increase your chances of dropping a gift! Click here and learn the rules!

Skins Up To Five Dollars

Cheap doesn’t mean bad! AK-47 Slate, USP-S Cortex and Glock-18 Winterized are great budget gift options. This abyssal-black AK is stylish enough and will suit players from Santa’s naughty list; the colourful Cortex is amazingly detailed and beautifully executed for a skin of its price category; and Glock Winterized is neutral and fresh at the same time, bringing a winter mood to the inventory.

Promo code for XMAS DROP: XMAS-H2QS2LGR.

Skins Up To Ten Dollars

With this budget, you can afford impressive and decent gifts. Of course, the list includes AWP Fever Dream, Desert Eagle Mecha Industries and M4A1-S Leaded Glass (Field-Tested). And if the sniper rifle just looks great and is a popular option, the other two skins are pretty rare and stylish. Deagle is strict and cold, while Leaded Glass uses the false volume effect.

By the way, we’ve made a separate compilation of skins that cost around ten bucks, so we advise you to read more at the link.

Skins for $25

Here, you can buy excellent AK-47 The Empress, Glock-18 Gamma Doppler Phase 2 and … Number K The Professionals! Yes, the attacking side agent skin is available for purchase. In addition, this meme and the legendary dude is an excellent gift for any CS:GO player.

Promo code for GameChanger Hub: 2TXS5W.

Fancy this Glock? Gamma Doppler Phase One is on the giveaway list in our XMAS DROP event, so head on to the landing page and complete the challenges. This time luck is on your side!

Skins for $50

Let’s rush right off the bat and say: AWP Hyper Beast is the best option you can choose! For 35-45 bucks, you can get this sniper rifle with a float of around 0.15. And it will look almost like Factory New. Well, and if your friend is a support or a rifler, M4A4 X-Ray FN and USP-S Kill Confirmed are fantastic, too.

Skins for $100

Never be cheap for the best, closest and dearest friends! But alas, Steam offers gift cards of $100 tops, so let’s work around this sum. 

Here’s a chic Bowie Knife Black Laminate (Field-Tested), AK-47 Neon Rider (Factory New) and Bloodhound Gloves Bronzed (Field-Tested). No, it’s not three for $100. Each of them is worth one franklin separately. But they are definitely worth their price! The luxurious and aggressive glove looks almost like an FN with this float, and the AK also has nearly no wear signs. Well, such a knife will appeal to any CS:GO player.

Don’t forget that we’ve launched the XMAS DROP event with a giveaway. Increase your chances by completing tasks: after all, a very expensive knife and 99 more different skins are at stake!




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