Workshop Skins Suitable For Anubis Collection


While people were trying to guess which map’s time was over, Dust2 or Mirage, Valve didn’t hesitate to surprise everyone and not only removed the former instead of the expected latter but also replaced it with Anubis, not Tuscan. Even fewer people predicted such a competitive map pool update.

In addition, quite a lot of time has passed since the last Operation and case, so most likely, Valve is already working on it. Moreover, as always happens, the new Operation will bring Map Collection cases and, obviously, The Anubis Collection. So far, we can only guess which skins Gabe will pick, but why not?

It is unlikely that Valve will fill The Anubis Collection exclusively with Egyptian-themed skins; after all, this is not a special “Phara:GO” case or whatever. Nevertheless, CS.MONEY Blog browsed at the CS:GO Workshop and chose ten skins that would make a great addition to The Anubis Collection.

After reviewing a couple of hundred pages, it seems that skinmakers rushed to make thematic skins (or update their old ones) to match the topic. Now, you can see quite a lot of different skins in the Egyptian style in the Workshop.

Glock-18 Mummy

Let’s start with not the most complex but high-quality skin for Glock-18. This Mummy from Machinima looks even a little creepy and is perfect as a blue skin.

CZ75 Desert Voices

Cairo. For some reason, this skin from the Apel + Maloo combo triggers a thought about the capital of Egypt. It’s a cool weapon finish to run through the city’s deserted (literally and figuratively) alleys, and it fits perfectly with the theme of many maps in CS:GO.

By the way, Apel has a separate collection of Egyptian skins. It might seem like he was ready for the release of Anubis. But in fact, this skinmaker has produced a huge amount of work on all possible topics. And Valve is likely to support his themed collection. We advise you to check it out, as there are works for every weapon in the game.

P90 Scarab of Wisdom

We included this beauty in our Workshop Highlights: November 2022. By the way, since the developers are likely to add non-themed skins to the collection, we advise you to review our monthly compilations and try to guess what Valve will choose. Just write “Workshop Highlights” in the Search bar at the top right and browse!

Dual Berettas Alien Artifact

Stargate is a cult, legendary series of sci-fi works. TL;DR, people find an alien gate to space under one of the pyramids, and a horror adventure begins. In general, the pyramids are quite mysterious, so it’s pretty hard to imagine The Anubis Collection without the likes of Dual Berettas Alien Artifact.

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AWP Derailed

Speaking of alien-made stuff, here’s AWP Derailed by de_puiseau, the creator of many other high-quality and extraordinary skins. This one also looks straight from the Stargate series!

Mac-10 Gator (Pearlscent)

And here is a more mundane and bright skin. A funny crocodile on this MAC-10 is ready to bite your opponents. This cute but stylish skin by Blazer will fit nicely into the case, despite being released in 2020.

M4A4 Anubis

And although it is unlikely that Valve will keep such a name, M4A4 Anubis resembles the best representatives of M4A4 skins. A bright and expressive creature (and, in our matter, a deity) on the side can appeal to many players. After all, it is not for nothing that Anubis and death are connected!

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XM-1014 Gifts of the Nile

This skin has several variations inside. Futuristic and, at the same time, ancient skin proclaims: He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience. Or, at least, that’s what William Golding said. Anyways, it clicks well with how you play with shotguns, although they are not in the meta and are unlikely to appear there.

Ak-47 Obsidian Refraction

A mysterious artefact found under the Sphinx closes the compilation. It may look like an AK-47, but don’t be fooled! It is an ancient alien weapon that is charged with meteor force. Or not.

And while we’re all waiting for news from Valve, not just incendiary grenade fixes, ask yourself: are you ready for the new case and skins? If it’s time to sell stuff or upgrade your inventory, check out our CS.MONEY Market, where exchanges require no bots, and you can withdraw cash immediately!




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