Unique CS:GO Shapeshifting Patterns!


Author: Valery Dragunov

CS:GO has many skins with patterns that have little to no effect on their look: paint, lines, and art simply remain the same. However, some patterns can drastically change a weapon’s appearance, making them more suitable in different combinations. Or simply making ordinary skin more exciting and desired.

Today, CS.MONEY Blog names five shapeshifting patterns that you may never see!

Tiger Tooth

Let’s start with Tiger Tooth. It’s a good example: on a small Karambit blade, it can look completely different. One pattern is applied so that large and frequent tiger stripes cross the entire width, and on the other, a bright orange base is exposed due to rare thin lines. Such a design is unusual for an old skin and attracts attention!

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel has a similar situation. The knife’s flat parts are covered with small weave: a common pattern that makes the weapon looks grey. But this skin can get much brighter if the distance between the lines becomes larger! The design changes noticeably, and it is worth considering that a regular skin can have both many lines and a large pattern of steel layers.

Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid

Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid can become a true eye-pleasing item having a certain pattern, although traders and players pay little attention to it. The fabric is decorated with four catching blue squares that can change their position. Being exactly in the middle, they look perfect, but sometimes the cells are moved closer to the knuckles. Some may like it more, but the pattern is still worth looking at.

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AWP Sun in Leo and Glock-18 Nuclear Garden

Two weapon skins, AWP Sun in Leo and Glock-18 Nuclear Garden, are not really popular, and most likely, people will not even pay attention to how these guns look. And that’s a mistake! These skins’ full potential is revealed with the correct pattern number: #420 for the sniper rifle will reveal four suns at once along the entire body length; and #697 for the piston shows six skulls in a row. Compare the visuals between patterns to learn how incredible this green bright beauty might look. 

CS:GO has more shapeshifting patterns for weapon finishes. You can find them yourself; just pay attention to the details. If any of these skins caught your attention, we advise visiting our CS.MONEY Market for P2P trading and easy cash withdrawal. Just click the link!




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