M4A4 Strikes Back: Updating Skins To Suit Meta


After Valve once again nerfed the M4A1-S, many players (including esports athletes) turned their sights towards the good old M4A4. FaZe’s Havard “rain” Nygaard swapped A1S for A4 right during the match against G2. And of all the pro teams at BLAST Premier World Finals, only Outsiders remained loyal to the former gun (well, and where did they end up, huh?).

Surprisingly, CS:GO developers really like M4A4 skins: they released thirty-seven different weapon finishes for it. Some of them are quite expensive, so we chose seven great skins in case you want to update them according to the current meta. All at affordable prices.

Evil Daimyo

Let’s start with a skin that works as a great crafting base. Its black-red colour scheme begs to slap some Astralis or FaZe competitive stickers on the sides. The geometrical art can also be eye candy for some players, even though there is no central element in such a composition. It’s clean and pure, which sounds like a good start. 


Unlike the previous gun, this beautiful A4 skin shines with its character. Enormous and kaleidoscopic, this griffin attracts attention. But like any other animal looking for its prey, his colour patterns are not catchy. “Less bling, more skill” is a message M4A4 Griffin delivers on a server.

In Living Color

If you like radiant dyes, we recommend this weapon finish. It has neon lights and a street art-inspired design. Judging by the popularity of “In Living Color”, CS:GO players adore modern art. 

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Tooth Fairy

We highly recommend M4A4 Tooth Fairy for those who love horror movies. You won’t find a kind and shiny mythical creature on this rifle’s side. Instead, its creator decided to look into this legend’s deep dark origin. This skin is a good example of what horror looks like, so don’t drop it to those who fear dentists.

Desolate Space

Another horror theme, now spiced with (false) emptiness. Space horrors present the cold yet beautiful vacuum, which works great as a thriller. Desolate Space skin perfectly executes the concept of combining endless space beauty and autophobia, the fear of loneliness. This M4A4 is as beautiful as it is horrifying the longer you think about it. It is better not to stare into the abyss.


This classic weapon finish stood the test of time, and its price is steadily growing. X-Ray’s concept is simple yet stylish: you can look into the insides of the gun without disassembling it. Such M4 skins will not distract you from shooting and also present you as a CS:GO veteran. Win-win! 

Spider Lily

From the oldest gun in the article, let’s move on to the newest. Spider Lily is only one year old, but players loved the combination of red flowers on the dark blue background. Yet it is not that expensive, and looks gorgeous, deserving its popularity.

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