Interview with kadzor, creator of M4A4 In Living Color


The author of M4A4 In Living Color talks about the skin’s Easter eggs, the reasons to cooperate with Nannou, and the skins the game misses. Read our interview with kadzor, creator of the most striking skin for the M4.

Hi! Congratulations on the addition of M4A4 In Living Color to the game. Was the release of the skin in The Snakebite Case a surprise for you and Nannou — or were you expecting this outcome?

Hi, thank you!!! When I offered Nannou a collaboration, I had an immediate feeling that our work would instantly get into the game. It was some momentum of positive energy that I put into the illustration. Later on, the developers contacted us and asked us to redo the illustration a little bit, specifically to add different details to it — which I did. Actually, I was a little worried along the lines of “what if they change their minds?” and stuff like that, but eventually, everything went great.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you start making skins?

It all began with drawing graffiti, but when I was a college student, I became interested in vector graphics. I was actively learning Illustrator, and soon my drawing on the walls began to segue into drawing on a computer. Later, an old friend of mine drew my attention to the Workshop, which then became my new and main hobby.

You created M4A1-S Player Two and AUG Tom Cat on your own. But this time, you worked in a creative duo. Why such a change?

It was a creative experiment: I like Nannou’s work, so I offered him a collab.

AUG Tom Cat

Why did you settle on this particular design for In Living Color? What was the source of inspiration?

It was an impulse of certain positive energy, I wanted to make something BIG. I drew inspiration from the works of the artists POSE and Takashi Murakami. They are massively cool guys. These artists were a really significant influence on me. I dig their style: I like a canvas with a lot of details, it’s interesting to look at. I want people to stare at my work, not just look at it.

What skins do you think CS:GO is currently missing?

USP-S Player Two

Tell us about your favorite skins – your own or by someone else! Do you use skins in-game?

Here are the artists and designers whose skins I use:

  • SA_22
  • Coridium
  • Hexeth
  • G99-Factory
  • Apel
  • K A S I

I think that’s about it… I have a lot of favs, but let it be M4A1-S Player Two 😛

M4A4 In Living Color

Are there any Easter eggs in M4A4 In Living Color? And on other skins? Where should we look?

There are, but few; I’d rather not say which ones they are. Peace to everyone!




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