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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just got a new sticker capsule! Espionage Sticker Capsule has twenty-one stickers. And here’s one fun fact for you: every third sticker is worth scraping! CS.MONEY Blog checked every sticker from the new capsule to find Easter eggs and dug up a lot of cool stuff. Let’s dive!

Salty: Toxic CS:GO Sticker

Another popular synonym for “toxic”, when addressed to players is also “salty.” Which basically means salt you add to meals. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive already has graffiti on this topic, the legendary NaCl. Now, Valve introduces a separate sticker, and not a simple one, but a CS:GO sticker with a secret. If you scrape the Salty holographic sticker, the salt shaker will become empty. Well, almost empty because only the word Not will remain inside, which, together with the postscript below, will look like Not Salty. So, it’s like a 2-in-1 sticker!

Funny CS:GO Sticker: Not a bot

It’s pretty shameful to be called a bot, as CS:GO bots are notorious for being too foolish. Fortunately, with the Not a bot sticker, you can pass the robot test and declare that you are a real person. At least until you scrape this sticker because, under its top layer, there’s a message with the opposite meaning: I’m a bot.

Zap cat: CS:GO sticker with cat

The Zap Cat sticker looks a bit odd. The cat depicted on it has lightning instead of eyes, and the eyes themselves are located vertically right above the nose. But that’s not all of the oddities. If you start to scrape the sticker, the cat will disappear, and only lightning bolts will remain to stick out of the eyes. It might be a cool sticker + skin combo, right? What would you pair it with?

Knife’s Edge Sticker

It’s too risky to attempt to knife your enemy, but the biggest risk is not taking one, right? And precisely this idea is implemented on Knife’s Edge. The drawing shows a goblin performing a trick of balancing a knife on a finger. It looks stylish, but if you scrape the sticker, the crowned goblin will turn into a poor person without a knife. Deep thoughts with the Deep…

CS:GO meme sticker: 360 no scope

CS:GO trivia time just for you: the 360 no scope trick (and the meme) was first invented in the CS community but originates from Call of Duty 4. Initially, it was just a trick because in Call of Duty, you can accurately shoot from a sniper rifle even without a scope. However, in CS:GO, such a move is pure luck and more of a show-off. So this newly added sticker 360 No Scope only emphasises the meaning. What happens if you scrape the sticker? Its very essence will remain 360. OGs and true gamers don’t need an explanation for this, right? 

Best Espionage Stickers? Batter Up, Street Artist and Cyber Chicken

Finally, here’s a bunch of stickers with quite a peculiar situation: Batter Up, Street Artist and Cyber Chicken. Unlike the stickers mentioned before, these do not contain secret messages or easter eggs. Instead, they will only lose their backgrounds if you try to scrape them. 

  • For Batter Up, the green rectangle disappears
  • Street Artist loses the tile under feet 
  • Cyber Chicken becomes just a lovely chicken

It’s pretty awesome for stickers, but they’re definitely not Easter eggs.

By the way, in addition to Easter eggs that are hidden under the top layer, there are direct references among the new stickers. For example, the Fireball sticker refers to the iconic Hadouken performed by Ryu from the Street Fighter series, and the Mind Games holographic sticker is a reference JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. CS:GO could never have too many jojo references, couldn’t it?

Which of the stickers of this capsule do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments. By the way, according to the Blog, the best sticker from the Espionage capsule is Sting Like A Butterly.

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