Aplicación de móvil
To complete verification you need to answer a few questions, upload a picture of your documents and record a short video:
After you are in your personal area, please click on the "Verify" button, in the Personal verification (KYC) section.
Choose the language that is comfortable for you to complete KYC.
After that, you need to enter your personal data: Name and Surname.
The next step is to upload a photo of your driver’s license/passport/ID card. You can upload it from a file, or from your phone camera (in this case you’ll need to scan a QR code from your smartphone).
In the last step, we’ll ask you to record a short video (20 seconds at max). In the video, you need to show your face from different sides and show the document you’ve uploaded earlier.
In case your verification is declined for any reason, you will see an error in the widget.

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