Aplicación de móvil
In order to trade without Steam trade hold, you should have your mobile authenticator installed for more than 15 days . You should check if your mobile authenticator is active right now. If it is not active , you should activate it using this guide: How to activate Steam Guard mobile authenticator?
To remove the restriction, more than 15 days must have passed since the first connection of the mobile authenticator. You can check how many days ago have you connected the mobile authenticator by clicking on this link: https://store.steampowered.com/phone/manage
If it is active , you should just wait for 7 days in order to trade your items. However, you will be able to buy and withdraw items from our bots using real money . Use Store or add funds to the balance with bonuses!
You can always check if you can trade without Steam trade hold by clicking on this link and adding your item to the trade. If your trade will be held, you will see this message from Steam.

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