12.4 Digest: NAVI without flamie, Heroic triumph


The second week of April has been really action-packed. Wins, replacements, new threats from hackers… Indeed, there was a lot to choose from — and the CS.MONEY blog did choose the most interesting stuff. Let’s go — no stops on the way!

HenryG left Cloud9 and took leave

It was rather entertaining watching Cloud9’s most recent attempt to get to the top of eSports. And it’s not about the team’s accomplishments at all — there were only few of those. Rather, was the club’s approach to lineup formation that attracted so much attention. Namely, Cloud9 was the first major organization to deal with players openly.

It all began thanks to the manager of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive department, Henry “HenryG” Greer, who initiated the formation of the new five players in Cloud9. He embarked on a policy of greater openness and thus immediately attracted the public’s attention. The details of the players’ contracts revealed to many fans the true price of maintaining a lineup in their favorite game. 

On April 6, Henry announced that he was leaving his post and taking a sabbatical. His departure marked the end of the previous era in the history of the club’s current lineup. Cloud9 management has already discarded the lineup temporarily because of the inability to hold a boot camp. Either way, Henry’s openness was a real achievement among CS:GO teams.

Natus Vincere to play first RMR tournament without flamie

Egor “flamie” Vasilyev isn’t going to participate in the first CIS-based RMR tournament — and will miss DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. Valeriy “B1t” Vakhovskiy will replace him in the starting lineup. This info appeared on the club’s website. 

According to the announcement, it’s Valve’s new rules that are the main reason to perform in a five-player lineup. In January, the company announced that at all RMR season tournaments, lineups of six players will receive a penalty of 20% on all points earned. 

This penalty is pretty huge. If team Spirit, the CIS leader of the last RMR season, had received the same penalty, they would’ve dropped from first place to fifth. This would’ve brought them to the brink of not making it to the Major! 

Team Natus Vincere have already announced that their coach, Andrey “B1ad3” Gorodensky, will soon release a video. It will contain details about the decision to put flamie on the bench. 

Heroic wins ESL Pro League for the first time

ESL Pro League Season 13 is over. The final of the tournament saw teams Heroic and Gambit go head to head. Both clubs hadn’t won an ESL Pro League tournament before. The match was held in a best-out-of-five format on Inferno, Vertigo, Train, Overpass, and Mirage. To determine who was the strongest, the teams had to play all five maps.

The Danish squad Heroic won the tournament. The team literally rocked — those fifty rounds on Train were really a sight. The victory at the tournament brought the Danes $200,000. 

According to HLTV, the best player was Sergey “Ax1Le” Rychtorov from Gambit. The site mentioned his contribution to the team’s accomplishment and his stable performance in all matches of the tournament. 

Highlight of the week: CadiaN & his deadly P250

In the last round on the last map of the ESL Pro League Season 13 finals, the captain of team Heroic suddenly impressed everyone. In a one-v.-four situation, with just a P250 and no armor, he decided to farm. 

To this end, Casper “cadiaN” Møller pulled out his knife with the intention of stabbing his opponent from behind. Eventually, he managed to harvest 1500 game bucks from the sniper, pick his AWP, and decimate the three remaining Gambit players. The community is already calling this clutch the highlight of his career. 

Hackers can steal passwords via CS:GO

Portal Dexerto accused Valve of inaction. According to a note published on the site, there’s a security breach in CS:GO that enables hackers to steal passwords. Furthermore, this breach is more than two years old.

Secret Club is the group that discovered the error a long time ago but only published the exploit now. The members of the group claim to have informed Valve first. But the company didn’t react in any way. The exploit itself is connected with the Steam invitation system, and the security breach exists in all games powered by the Steam engine. 

That said, don’t forget to protect your account with double authentication and filter your friend list on Steam.

So these were the events of the past week in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Intense and exciting. Subscribe to our pages on social networks and don’t forget to bookmark the blog so you don’t miss any important stuff!  




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