CS:GO Era In Numbers: Dupreeh


The CS:GO era slowly ends, and Counter-Strike 2 is approaching from the already-visible horizon; the time to gradually sum up the results has come. It would be symbolic to start the story with the only person who has played in all 19 CS:GO Majors.

Today, CS.MONEY Blog pays tributes to Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, a Dane whose professional career can be considered synonymous with CS:GO. We talk about his prize money earned, total frags, headshots, nades, trophies, and much more, combined with some trivia and interesting facts.

csgo era in numbers trivia and interesting facts about dupreeh

Dupreeh’s Prize Money Won & Career Duration

Dupreeh is the leader in prize money earned in CS:GO. Despite never reaching higher than fifth place in the HLTV’s top 20 Players of the Year, Peter has earned the status of a CS:GO legend with his consistently high level of play. We mean, really consistent CS. He has hit HLTV’s Top 20 seven times (2013-2015, 2017-2020).

prize money won by dupreeh and career duration in days
Prize Money Won & Career Duration

If we draw parallels with basketball, NBA has a yearly tradition of selecting an all-star team based on a regular season. The Association highlights the fifteen best players in the league. So, legends of basketball such as Scottie Pippen, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Julius Erving, and Dominique Wilkins have all made the NBA All-Star team seven times, and all of them are among the top 75 players in NBA history. Same as Dupreeh in HLTV’s Top 20!

Among all esports athletes in terms of prize money, Dupreeh ranks 40th. Only Dota 2 and Fortnite players sit ahead of him, and that’s because these disciplines have astronomical prize pools at certain times. His closest CS:GO-related peer on the list is xyp9x, who has yet to reach the two-million-dollar mark.

Dupreeh is also remarkable for his long successful career. 3460 days passed between his first and last matches at CS:GO Majors. For example, the Game of Thrones TV Series lasted significantly less: only 2954 days between the first and last episodes.

First prize money and Dupreeh’s beloved AWP

First prize money and Dupreeh’s beloved AWP

It is noteworthy that Dupreeh earned his first prize money in August 2012. At that time, playing for 3DMAX, he won the Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #8 and shared €100 with his team. Today, this amount would be enough, for example, to craft a sniper rifle like Dupreeh’s. Surprisingly, you can craft one yourself! Come to CS.MONEY Trade, buy a simple AWP Redline (Minimal Wear) and attach four Astralis stickers (Dupreeh has the Atlanta Major ones).

By the way, this rifle has an exciting pun in its nametag: AWPeter. You can read about other memorable tags on professional players’ skins in our article.

Dupreeh’s Stats at CS:GO Majors

dupreeh stats at CSGO majors
Dupreeh stats at CSGO Majors

But let’s look at Dupreeh’s performances at CS:GO Majors. If we sum up his share in all Valve-sponsored tournaments, Peter earned $563,700 (almost $30,000 on average per tournament). He played 4259 rounds at Majors, and if we exclude freeze time, it means that Dupreeh spent about 5.5 days of his life actively playing at Majors.

In the 19 Majors, the Dane made 3045 frags. It means that, on average, Peter earned $185 for each successful duel. For example, you get $300 from a frag if you do it with AK-47 in a CS:GO match, so cut the taxes and other fees to get almost the exact same number!

Career-wise Stats

dupreeh career in numbers of frags headshots percent clutches and more
Dupreeh’s Stats throughout his entire career

Let’s run through Peter’s career statistics. In almost 11 years of competitive CS:GO, Dupreeh has made 39 288 frags. The all-time leading scorer in NBA history, LeBron James, has scored fewer points in regular seasons (38 652).

dupreeh's favourite weapons and kills from ak 47
Dupreeh’s Favourite AK-47 Skins: Neon Rider, Nightwish and Legion of Anubis

Peter has made over 15 000 kills with AK-47, most CS:GO pro players’ favourite weapon. No surprise, since one bullet to the head is tough to counter. However, Dupreeh doesn’t have any extremely notable AK-47 skins. He has only three simple AK skins in his inventory: Neon Rider, Nightwish and Legion of Anubis. As for the M4 used by Dupreeh in Paris, you can read about it here.

Remember that you can easily buy all these skins on CS.MONEY Trade with just a few clicks. It’s an easy way to update your inventory!

Dupreeh vs Teams

Surely, we have to talk about Dupreeh’s opponents among teams. Peter has played over 100 maps against some of the world’s best teams throughout the whole CS:GO era. Among these, his most comfortable opponent is MOUZ (Dupreeh has an average rating of 1.19 against them). And the most formidable rival to have for Dupreeh is NAVI (1.02 rating). Interestingly, against his current club, Peter has played 42 maps with an average rating of 1.06, which is an excellent result considering that Team Vitality has been in the global elite of Counter-Strike for a long time.

dupreeh's nemesis and favourite team to play against

Now, players will slowly start preparing for the transition to Counter-Strike 2. In this major update, all CS:GO skins will transfer to the new engine, so you can already buy at CS.MONEY a couple of stylish weapon finishes without the risk of losing everything. Watch CS, play CS, and enjoy the pleasure of this legendary game!




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