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If you have selected a few items from our bots for a trade, most likely those items are on the different bots . In this case, you will receive the main trade with one or more items from one of the bots. This is caused by Steam’s 7 days trade lock trade system. We couldn’t send you all items in one trade, since items will be blocked by Steam for 7 days after we send them to our bot. When you will accept the main trade offer in Steam, other bots will send you a trades with rest of the items.
Also there might be some trade locked items in your trade offer . Once the trade for a trade locked item is accepted, you get a so-called virtual copy of this item in your CS.MONEY inventory. There is a timer on the item , which indicates when you will be able to withdraw this item in your Steam inventory. As soon as you see «Ready to withdraw» ‎ status on the item, click on the «Withdraw to Steam» ‎ button and our bot will send you a trade offer with this item.

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