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This status allows users to see those trade offers that can be made shortly. This way you see only those items that you can buy here and now.
As long as your status is Online - your skins are displayed on the Buy section and other users can buy them. If your status is Offline, your skins are hidden from buyers.
How I can change my status?
You can interact with this mechanics from the side-menu on the Market switching Online/Offline status. There we always show your current status.
This status has nothing to do with being online on the site. You can close the tab with the site and stay online. CS.MONEY can automatically change your status to maintain an actual list of items on the site.
Why was I switched to Offline?
We switch a user to Offline status in the following cases:
Seller did not managed to deliver an item to buyer in 12 hours;
Seller was blocked on site;
Seller was blocked on Steam;
The seller has a private inventory in Steam, inactive Steam Guard, invalid trade link or Api-key.
Why can't I change my status to Online?
When trying to change status from Offline to Online, we also check the following conditions:
The seller is not blocked on the site or in Steam;
The seller has a public inventory on Steam, a valid trade link and an API-key;
Seller has an active mobile Steam Guard.
If one of the conditions is not met, we cannot allow the seller to change status.
You can switch the status on the left side of the page:

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