Online status means that your items for sale are now visible to buyers. Offline status hides all your selling items from the Market, keeping them in the sell list. As long as you are offline, no one can buy them. The faster you respond to new deals, the higher the rating. Go Online when you are actively selling and go Offline when you are away.
How I can change my status?
You can change the status in the side menu in Market mode by clicking on the Online/Offline switch.
This status has nothing to do with being online on the site. You can close the website tab and remain online. We can also change your status manually to keep the list of items updated on the site.
Why was I switched to Offline?
Status is automatically changed to Offline if:
Seller did not managed to deliver an item to buyer in 12 hours;
Seller was blocked on site;
Seller was blocked on Steam;
The seller has a private inventory in Steam, inactive Steam Guard, invalid trade link or Api-key.
Why can't I change my status to Online?
To change to Online, your account must have:
A public profile and inventory in Steam;
An up-to-date trade link and API key;
An active Steam Guard mobile authenticator.
If one of the conditions is not met, or the account is blocked on cs.money or in Steam, you will not be able to change the status.
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