Best Options To Redeem Your Souvenir Tokens


BLAST Paris Major 2023, the last major in the game’s history, is over. Viewer Pass holders with successfully predicted pick-ems (welp!) might have up to 6 tokens to pick up souvenir cases. In this guide, CS.MONEY Blog will tell you how to get souvenir tokens, where you can redeem them, but most importantly, which BLAST Paris Major souvenir packages you should exchange tokens for.

best options to redeem your souvenier blast paris major token for map collections as investment

How To Redeem Souvenir Tokens in CS:GO?

So, you don’t know how to redeem your CS:GO BLAST Paris Major Viewer Pass souvenir tokens? It’s very simple, just follow these instructions.

Viewer pass holders received tokens for successfully predicting the outcomes of Major’s matches. If you want to exchange tokens for souvenir packages, you need to go to your Main Menu, click on the Viewer Pass below on the left, and hit that Redeem Tokens button on the right side of the screen. After that, select a match and a map you want to get a souvenir case. Then, just click on the gift icon down on the right and voila! Confirm your exchange by pressing Get Souvenir. The pictures below describe step by step how to redeem the souvenir token from the csgo battle pass:

Which Souvenir Package Should I Open?

Long story short, the best option is Mirage. This souvenir case is filled with cool and expensive skins, starring AWP Desert Hydra as the most valuable skin from the collection. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive AWP skins in the game! The Mirage Souvenier Package can be picked up from the following playoff matches:

  • Heroic vs FaZe Clan, quarterfinals
  • GamerLegion vs Monte, quarterfinals
  • Heroic vs GamerLegion, semifinals
  • Apeks vs Vitality, semifinals 

Surely, if you want to get a skin from some other souvenir package, feel free to do whatever you like. Luckily, BLAST Paris Major 2023 provided us with all maps from the current competitive map pool in its playoffs. Therefore, you can redeem tokens for the following souvenir cases:

  • Ancient
  • Anubis
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Vertigo

Note that the chances of getting a Covert skin from each of these cases are… microscopic. These drop even lesser than knives. Therefore, if you fancy a skin from any souvenir collection, you should not buy the cases on Steam Marketplace or redeem tokens to try your luck. Better visit CS.MONEY Trade and buy this skin directly.

Each Souvenier skin has 4 gold stickers: BLAST Paris Major, %Mapname% Collection, and the two teams.

Which Souvenir Packages from BLAST Paris Major are better to invest in?

We recommend Mirage and Anubis collections as suitable for investments. Note that souvenir packages from all maps grow in price at about the same rate. But these two are best for several reasons.

First, the Mirage Collection can boast the highest price of skins inside. There will be many of these cases now, but over time, the number may decrease, and the price may increase.

The Anubis Collection has a somewhat different situation. This is the first time this map appeared at a Major; the same Major to be the last in CS:GO. Such cases can only be picked up from one playoff match. Right now, there are several thousand Anubis Souvenir Packages on the Steam Marketplace, which is not that many. Due to its novelty and somewhat exclusivity, the Anubis souvenir case from the Paris Major can be a good investment.

In addition to Souvenir Packages, you can also buy BLAST Paris Major Sticker Capsules. We’ve already discussed the capsule and its stickers in a separate article, discussing if this would be a good investment. Read here!




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