All Easter Eggs on BLAST Paris Major Stickers + Craft Ideas!


Player autograph stickers became a festival of creativity and imagination ages ago. Undoubtedly, the result of the Major matters, but people also buy stickers to decorate their skins, making them fun, expensive, bright or whatever. That’s why players embed various references into their autographs. CS.MONEY Blog has already discussed all Paris Major stickers, as well as shared thoughts if these stickers are even worth buying. Now, it’s time for BLAST Paris Major 2023 stickers’ easter eggs and craft ideas.

easter eggs and references from blast paris major stickers and craft ideas

So, let’s talk about all the references and easter eggs on players’ stickers from the last CS:GO Major. In the end, you will also find a few potential crafting options. Don’t forget that you can buy stickers at CS.MONEY Market to bring your dream combos to life. Moreover, you can use our 3D Builder to look at how stickers apply and look on any skin with any float!

Common references on Paris Major stickers

Eiffel Tower

Since the tournament takes place in the capital of France, it’s not surprising that some players decided to include one of the prominent landmarks of Paris in their autographs. There’s no need to single out any specific sticker; here’s a list of stickers with the Eiffel Tower in CS:GO: FASHR (Fnatic), KSCERATO, saffee (Furia), and Annihilation’ (The Mongolz).


Probably the most common element on autograph stickers would be the crosshair. Some players tried to squeeze one into their Os (for example, acoR and Woro2k), while others, like DemQQ, placed it into Qs. SunPayus, on the other hand, separated it from any letters. A dozen players, including m0NESY and Torszi, decided to use crosshair as a design element.

Smiley faces

Another noteworthy interesting trend: players started putting various smiley faces and emoticons on stickers. Some esports athletes insert closely to their nicknames, while others, like RoeJ, have transformed their nicknames into an emoticon as a whole! C:

Animals (including a chicken sticker)

Some players decided to depict animals on their autograph stickers. Siuhy chose to display CS:GO’s most famous NPC, the chicken. Juanflatroo drew a bull, while NAF proudly added a sloth. Snappi referenced an old children’s song about a crocodile named Schnappi, while Jerry schematically depicted a cat’s face, possibly named Tom. Sjuush and Jabbi from Heroic made their mark with miniature snakes.


These two letters appear on players’ stickers from time to time. Previously, m0nesy used this combination quite often. This time, two players decided to recall these two iconic esports letters: REZ (Ninjas in Pyjamas) and TeSeS (Heroic).

Maple leaf, Canadian CS:GO stickers

Two players from Canada, Twistzz (FaZe Clan) and FaNg (Complexity) decided to remind everyone of the country they represent on their stickers. Both of them placed images of maple leaves on their autographs.

Anime stickers 2023

Players referenced the Japanese animation as well. R3salt from ForZe made a reference to Tokyo Ghoul, a very popular anime. In one of its key scenes, the main character is asked to solve simple mathematical tasks to stay conscious while being tortured. The equation 1000-7 became synonymous with suffering.

NertZ from ENCE, on the other hand, made a reference to the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z by stylizing the letter Z in his autograph to resemble the Dragon Ball logo. Would Toei Animation be concerned about intellectual property rights violations?

Most creative Paris Major stickers

Karrigan: The Dark Knight

The legendary captain continues to associate himself with a nonetheless legendary comic book hero. We all remember his appearance wearing a Batman mask at one of the BLAST series tournaments. Great CS:GO Batman sticker! 

Now, his fans can get a sticker referencing Bruce Wayne’s alter ego.

floppy: Among Us edition

The American went super-creative with his sticker this time: he decided to turn L and O into an Among Us character, the Crewmate! Among Us was a top-rated game during the pandemic and is still pretty fun to play. We hope that floppy will also bring a few surprises for his opponents during the tournament.

WOOD7: The Woodpecker

Fluxo’s Brazilian captain paid respect to another legendary cartoon character. It’s Woody Woodpecker on his sticker! Unfortunately, Fluxo has already dropped out of the BLAST Paris Major 2023, but this sticker is still pretty fun and cute.

JT: Quick Maths

The South African player came up with a unique image for his two-letter nickname. J and T together form the Greek letter pi. We’re all familiar with it thanks to mathematics, as it represents the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (bleh), approximately equal to 3.14. Will JT be able to impress us with a similar ratio of kills to deaths? Let’s wait and see!

CadiaN: Play Smart, Snipe Smart

The Man, The Captain, The AWPer. Heroic’s most vocal and emotional player, CadiaN, decided to reflect two qualities on his new sticker. You can see a sharp-minded head image and an equally impressive sniper rifle. It’s a stunning concept that many fans will surely appreciate.

Perfecto: Your Friendly Neighbour

Perfecto decided to recall an ancient meme. Many community members jokingly dub Perfecto a Perforator, and he stylized his autograph to resemble that tool. It’s intriguing to think about how many people he will drive crazy on the server with his mind-blowing wall bangs.

SDY: Pulse!

Like his former NAVI teammate, the Ukrainian player from Monte decided to play around his nickname. We see a heartbeat line that becomes horizontal. Indeed, some die young.

ropz will break your heart

This one is a beauty in terms of drawing and even more touching considering the meaning. The Estonian player apparently got inspired by a broken heart emoji but turned his O and P cleverly into the heart’s halves. Splendid realization. We hope that the Estonian player is well-prepared for the upcoming CS:GO Major because he will have to break many hearts on and off the server.

Grim the Reaper

We all know who the Grim Reaper is. There is some symbolism in placing a sticker with a scythe on a firearm designed to deprive opponents of their virtual lives. It’s a dark but tastefully done concept.

Dexter: The SEX Sticker

Perhaps the most mischievous sticker of this Major. It seems that Dexter decided to follow in DickStacy’s footsteps and created one of the most iconic stickers in the game. How Valve even accepted that, considering their strict policies?

Craft Ideas for BLAST Paris Major 2023 Stickers

Let’s talk about some possible combinations of different stickers. Firstly, we have several team logos, each resembling a different letter. But below, in Rain’s hands, people have discovered a quite funny AK-47 with the logos of FaZe Clan, Apeks, and PaiN Gaming. Which is just FAP. Made for those who can’t have dexter’s sticker.

What’s even more fun, at the Paris Major several players will be participating in a race to overshadow the old BIG and DickStacy stickers combo (if you know, you know).

9INE + Printstream Series (or any other black&white skin)

Now, let’s pay attention to team stickers. Firstly, we have to note 9INE, the Major’s first-ever attendees. These stickers are tailor-made for the Printstream series. Considering the pearlescent effect of this weapon finish, Glitter 9INE stickers would be the best fit.

Apeks + Gold Arabesque (or any other golden skin)

Let’s take a look at golden stickers, though. Traditionally, they look good on AK-47 Gold Arabesque. And the Apeks logo fits perfectly into the horizontal lines of the rifle. Together, they look gorgeous.

PaiN Gaming + Cyrex Series

Another interesting sticker with high crafting potential is PaiN Gaming Foil. It’s not just about the letter P but also its colour scheme: white and red. It goes well with the Cyrex series or almost any other minimalistic skin. Also, try this combo: BIG + PaiN Gaming + PaiN Gaming.

BLAST Sticker (Gold) + M4A4 Desolate Space

And we couldn’t forget about the tournament organiser stickers. BLAST has decided to create its own sticker space-themed, and logically, M4A4 Desolate Space would be an excellent choice for the gold Paris Major sticker. A match made in… heaven?

Even if you don’t like our ideas, you can always head out to our 3D Builder, combine any sticker with any skin and see for yourself! Afterwards, jump straight to CS.MONEY Market, get you skins and stickers for prices lower than on Steam Market. GLHF!




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