BLAST PARIS Major 2023 Stickers Are Out!


Just a couple of moments before the start of the last Major in CS:GO history, Valve is releasing sticker capsules with all the stickers from the Paris tournament: teams, players, regular, gold, holo and all that. In addition, traditionally, they also added the Viewer’s Pass to make pick`ems. CS.MONEY Blog shows all the stickers of BLAST Paris Major 2023 and also chooses the most exciting stickers of the 2023 Paris Major.

all stickers blast paris major 2023 in one place and viewer pass

Sticker Capsule Prices and BLAST Paris Major 2023 Viewer Pass

Valve has unveiled prices for sticker capsules and the Viewer’s Pass for BLAST Paris Major 2023, the last CS:GO Major, which will take place very soon. Here they are:

  • Viewer’s Pass: $9.99
  • Viewer’s Pass + 3 tokens: $17.99
  • Sticker Capsule of any kind: $0.99

But you can always buy BLAST Paris Major sticker capsules and stickers at CS.MONEY Market, an easy way to be unique and style up your inventory.

Don’t forget to do your PICKEMS before the start of the tournament! You’ve got the whole weekend ahead, so this is a great opportunity to think things through. Here’s our advice on how to do pickems for BLAST Paris Major 2023: the safest is to look at casters and analysts on social media and choose whatever they pick combined with how you feel. But of course, you can always take a risk and do it all yourself! It could be really rewarding.

Contenders + Challengers BLAST Paris Major 2023 Stickers

BLAST Paris Major opens, as usual, with Groups: Challengers vs Contenders. Among the teams to play in the first stage, we can see already familiar tags, but also some completely new names. Challengers and Contenders Stickers are pretty standard stickers with team logos.

  • Contenders: Monte, paiN Gaming, G2 Esports, GamerLegion, FORZE Esports, Apeks, Ninjas in Pyjamas, OG Esports
contenders stage paris major blast 2023 stickers capsule
  • Challengers: ENCE, MOUZ, Team Liquid, Grayhound Gaming, Complexity Gaming, The MongolZ, Fluxo, FaZe Clan
challengers stage paris major blast 2023 stickers capsule

Legends Stickers of BLAST Paris Major

Well, and among the strongest teams of the BLAST Paris Major 2023 (it’s not for nothing that they are in the Legends stage), there are the following teams:

  • Legends Stage Stickers: NAVI, 9INE, Furia Esports, Fnatic, Heroic, Into The Breach, Vitality, Bad News Eagles
legends stage paris major blast 2023 stickers capsule

And let the presence of 9INE, ITB and BNE not surprise you: if these guys could get so far, they clearly deserve it. Now, they just have to perform accordingly at the Paris tournament itself. By the way, we advise you to take a look at 9INE stickers because they look great on almost any black skin.

Best Teams Stickers of BLAST PARIS MAJOR 2023

Of course, choosing the best stickers from BLAST Paris Major 2023 is hard, but we would like to highlight the following ones because they definitely deserve some attention. Firstly, they just look gorgeous and shimmer. Can you imagine how stickers from BLAST Paris Major 2023 will look like in CS 2? Secondly, it can also be a great investment. But we will talk about this a little later in a separate post.

Best Players’ Stickers of BLAST PARIS MAJOR 2023

As always, some players were able to impress with their creativity regarding CS:GO stickers creation. Of course, these stickers will immediately become a decoration for any weapon and any skin. So, we have all the kinds: funny, serious, cool, sad and so on. For every taste. We have selected the best player stickers of BLAST Paris Major 2023.

First pack: a very cute roeJ sticker with a smile and eyes; perfecto paris major 2023 sticker looks like Japanese characters , which is awesome!; and a classic epic zywho sticker; an ingenious sticker by cadiaN with a sniper rifle; and a r3salt 1000-7 sticker for ghoul anime lovers.

And here is the second pack of best CS:GO BLAST Major stickers: a funny chicken on siuhy’s sticker; an adorable sloth on NAF’s sticker; karrigan released probably the most heroic (pun not intended) Batman sticker in csgo; ropz just breaks our hearts; well, and dexter from MOUZ is clearly showing off his achievements.

S1mple Stickers from BLAST Paris Major 2023

S1mple decided not to do anything extraordinary with stickers this last time for CS:GO. However, this is how all s1mple stickers from BLAST Paris Major 2023 look like: regular, glitter, gold and holo.

All Paris BLAST Major 2023 stickers will be available on our Market in a week when the tradelock drops! Just come in, search for any one you want to buy, and grab it!




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