The most unique inventory of pro players!


Each inventory in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is unique. It can tell volumes about its owner and surprise even novice skin enthusiasts. The CS.MONEY Blog rummaged through the inventories of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 attendees and discovered a couple of curious collections.

EliGE’s love of the standard

One of EliGE’s standard knives: ★ Karambit

Standard weapons aren’t exactly popular among players. Indeed, who would want to apply stickers or give names to default guns when there are finishes? Actually, there’s at least one person willing to do so, and that person is Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski. 

The American’s inventory contains not one and not two default guns with name tags, but almost forty! Some of them also have stickers, and not just any stickers, but Team Liquid (Gold) Stockholm 2021 ones. Each of these beauties costs at least ten bucks! Talk about pizzazz. 

Notably, his passion for name tags extends to every gun out there. In addition to the expected AK-47s and M4s, Jonathan has standard T and CT knives and a C4 with name tags! By the way, the standard revolver has no name yet. Given the general trend, the R8 is very likely to become EliGE’s next “victim.”

Boltz brought a box of knives to a shootout

The stickers on this AK-47 Vulcan also cost a lot!

Finding a pack of cool skins in a top player’s collection is commonplace. Half a dozen gloves or a dozen AWPs wouldn’t be shocking. Sometimes, however, an inventory has a truly outstanding size. That’s exactly what we saw in the collection owned by Ricardo “boltz” Prass, an Imperial Esports member. 

The Brazilian star has three dozen knives in his collection: it includes shadow daggers, bayonet knives, and Bowie knives. The finishes are different, too, from Gradient to Crimson Web. A knife collection like that costs like a regular sports car. Still, the opportunity to pick a different knife for each day in a month is priceless.  

chelo, a hunter for his own autographs

chelo clearly loves himself

Two years ago, we surveyed ropz inventory. One feature of Robin Kool’s collection was a huge number of capsules: over 130 capsules with the Berlin 2019 sticker. This year, it was Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes, the entry fragger of the mibr lineup, who stood out in terms of stickers. 

Namely, we found almost a hundred and fifty stickers in the Brazilian’s inventory. Of those, fifty-five were stickers signed by chelo himself. Almost all other stickers in the collection depict RMR2020 team logos. Almost, because there are four stickers which don’t belong to this group: three INTZ E-SPORTS CLUB stickers and one Pixel Avenger. Now that’s one interesting collection.

Salty JT

MAC-10 Fade with JT autograph

If you think that graffiti in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive serves a purely decorative function, you’re deeply mistaken. As a matter of fact, players used to be able to make shelters behind glass with it, and right now, graffiti is a handy tool for counting down to the C4 explosion. 

AUG Triqua from JT inventory

Besides, graffiti can be used for leaving messages on the map and easy trolling of opponents. In any event, we suspect that’s what Johnny “JT” Theodosiouis uses the fifty NaCl graffiti pieces in his inventory for. In case you didn’t know, NaCl is a salt formula. And the term “salty” often refers to players who are frustrated with what’s going on in the match, but not to the extent of turning toxic. 

Flamie, the coin collector

Good old flamie when he was still part of NAVI

How many coins do you have in your inventory? Odds are, you have at least a couple — for five years in the game or for experience. Not bad, but as for Egor “flamie” Vasilyev, iit’s unlikely that he would be able to place all the coins, medals, and pins from his Steam inventory onto one suit jacket. The team 1win member possesses forty various awards. 

Let’s take a quick look at the list. Flamie has nine Major playoff trophies. The first one is for reaching the quarterfinals of ESL One Cologne 2015. In addition, there are a dozen more trophies for the prediction contest, two of them gold. Finally, there are nine operation coins. Among the nine items, there’s even a coin from the very first operation! Plus two pins from Collectible Pins Capsule Series 3: Brigadier General and Howl. Last but not least, he has four game experience coins. Few can boast a collection like that!

As you can see, each player has a truly unique inventory. Your collection is unique as well, but you can always make even more amazing. To do so, look for bargains at CS.MONEY and don’t forget to subscribe to our social media to make sure you don’t miss any events.




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