Five CS:GO Bugs To Bring You Victory


The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is enormous. And every day, its fans find new ways to become better. Moreover, some of these ways are not entirely… legal or intentionally implemented by the developers. Today CS.MONEY Blog brings up the five most valuable bugs that can win matches for you. But obviously, you better not use them.

Smoke + Particles Bug

Grenade smoke interacts with particles in a peculiar way, and it is not even a long-time problem but a feature of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Let’s briefly explain the point. If there is an enemy behind the puffs of smoke, and there are particles behind him, you will see the silhouette.

Sounds complicated, right? Here is an example: the smoke lies in front of you, an enemy is behind it, and a Molotov is burning behind the enemy. As a result, you see the enemy’s silhouette. The same trick works with other particles. For example, it can be Inferno’s fountain and its water splashes or puffs of dust when jumping on Dust 2. You can use this trick almost anywhere; the main thing is to fulfill the conditions: smoke in front of the enemy and another source of particles behind them.

One-way Smoke

One-way smokes are an ancient and well-known technique in CS:GO. Experienced players know where to throw ‘nades to have decent ‘one-ways.’ But it’s a very controversial mechanic, considering that CS:GO is a competitive shooter. This trick also has an advanced level. For example, it was demonstrated by m0nesy on Mirage.

This evolved one-sided smoke has a significant advantage because it does not block the player’s vision in any way while completely blocking the enemy’s vision. Interestingly, PGL, the tournament operator, allowed the use of such a bug in a major tournament! So you can also use it in regular matchmaking if you don’t mind ruining your karma.

Scope + Console Bug

SSG 08 and automatic sniper rifles shoot quite accurately, even without zooming. However, one factor hinders the full use of this opportunity. If you have this weapon in your hands, there’s no sight on display. You can correct this defect by drawing a dot on the screen with a marker or using software to display images. But there is also a method built into the game.

You will need a console to use this method. It can be opened by pressing the Tilde (~) key. If the console does not open, check the settings, you may need to put a checkmark. So, having opened the console, enter a few characters there. After that, select the text and move it with the mouse to the place of the sight. After closing the console, the outline of the transferred text will remain on the screen if everything is done correctly. To remove it, just follow the steps in reverse order.

Long-shot Molotovs

The Molotov cocktail works very simply: you throw this incendiary grenade, and it flies for two seconds. If the ‘nade manages to reach the ground during this time, it explodes in a puddle of flame; if not, it explodes in the air with a small visual effect. Once on the ground, it flares up and then fades.

Although, there is a third scenario. Incendiary grenades explode in the air near the ground and spread in a puddle of flame. We need this script for the following bug. To determine if a puddle of flames is worth spawning or not, the game checks to see if there is a surface 128 units or less below the exploding grenade. If you don’t know how the distances are calculated in CS:GO, and what these units are, there’s a specially dedicated post about distances in CS:GO. So, if this check shows that there is a surface, flames will appear on the ground; if not, it explodes in the air.

With one exception. There are different types of surfaces in CS:GO. Skybox is the one we need right now. Not diving into technical details, let’s just say that the incendiary grenade is not allowed to explode on the skybox’s surface. If at the moment of the expected explosion, that is, after two seconds of flight, the game checks the surface under the grenade, and there is a skybox, the incendiary grenade does not explode. The script won’t work!

It just keeps flying until it hits a surface. Thanks to this interaction, you can throw Molotov cocktails across the entire map. Using such a bug requires serious preparation.

Floating Smoke

Another Molotov bug, and it’s related to skyboxes also. Incendiary grenades have another scenario for interacting with the environment. Here, we mean fire interacting with smoke clouds: if a Molotov land in a cloud of smoke, or, conversely, a smoke bomb flies into a fire, the flame will vanish. Of course, this requires fulfilling certain conditions, but now they are unimportant.

Now the bug that occurs if a smoke grenade hits a player standing in the fires of an incendiary grenade is essential. In this case, the smoke grenade does not open on the floor, as usual, but at the point where it hits the model. In practice, this allows you to make hanging puffs of smoke anywhere on the map, as long as you have an ally, incendiary, and smoke grenades.

Even though performing this trick will devour a bit of ally’s HP, the floating cloud of smoke is worth it. Just imagine what the advantage such a barrier will give you! The main difficulty is to choose the proper timings so that the enemy falls into a trap and becomes an easy target.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some bugs can give you an advantage in the game ten years after the release. But it’s better not to use them. It kills all the fun of pure competition. And if not for pleasure, why ever play?




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