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By winning PGL Major Stockholm 2021, NAVI corroborated their status as the world’s best team. Given the excellent level of the squad’s play and the scope of their achievement, only the most dedicated fans of other clubs wouldn’t want to learn to play like NAVI.

In this article, the CS.MONEY Blog will discuss the strengths of each NAVI player. It’s impossible to achieve a similar level in a couple of days — or even weeks. However, cultivating these qualities in yourself can help you in the long run on your way to the Olympus of CS:GO.

And there’s no way we could make a post like that without skins. We prepared a matching weapon finish for each individual trait we’re going to cover.

Calculating Boombl4

Boombl4 (source:

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov is one of the key contributors to NAVI’s success. It’s thanks to him that the team’s actions are so difficult to read. There’s more: Kirill is often a headache for opponents as a shooter. What’s his strength?

Understanding the game perfectly. After reviewing some of Boombl4’s demos, we can conclude that this guy knows just when he can flank the enemy and when he needs to throw a flash to eliminate them. We also can’t but mention the captain’s composure: after making one frag, Kirill very rarely continues his aggression. Taking adventurous outings into the smoke or other daring decisions aren’t his style. On the contrary, he’ll distract the enemy and change his position, saving the team’s advantage. If he does decide to act aggressively, he’ll wait for help from a teammate.

Kirill’s well-calibrated style of play is best represented by the FAMAS Djinn.

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Unstoppable electronic

electronic (source:

Now let’s talk about the opposite of Kirill Mikhailov. The team’s celebrated old blood Denis “electronic” Sharipov is incredibly dangerous too, but in another way: we mean his aggressive actions on the map. What helps him annihilate his enemies by the score?

Courage. Denis’s adventurism is a household name: his crazy decisions have on numerous occasions brought his team victories in matches. Sharipov often plays in positions that are difficult or impossible to retreat from, such as Ramp on Ancient, Main on Nuke, and the like. But each time, electronic takes full advantage out of difficult situations. Just remember his 3 astonishing frags against Astralis. Another player would likely retreat in his shoes, but Denis always goes all the way!

Denis is a renowned expert in sneaking up on his opponents in any situation to shower them with a rain of bullets! 

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Perfecto, the team’s savior

Perfecto (source:

Analysts have long admired Ilya’s ability to come out victorious in situations that few can handle. Lately, it seems that he’s been trained single-handed retakes to the point of absolute invincibility. Have you already guessed what quality we singled out?

Clutches. Perfecto is an amazing shooter who becomes doubly dangerous when he’s the last standing player! With only fragmentary info about his opponents, Ilya intelligently reads their location while recapturing the site. Anticipating the opponents’ actions and quickly destroying them is not a difficult task for the new “Clutch Minister.” 

Perfecto can be calm, but at the right moment, he can also use his ult and catch his enemies unawares!

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P.S. Happy Birthday, Ilya!

B1T, the dashing all-rounder

B1T (source:

Young star Valeriy “B1T” Vakhovskiy made the journey from being a reserve player to the guy who’s won the PGL Major Stockholm and Intel Grand Slam with NAVI in less than a year. What qualities contributed to his lightning-fast rise to glory?

Flexibility. Playing the lurker? Or maybe assuming the role of a second AWPer? Initiating a rush to the site? Pulling off a clutch? B1t is an asset in any role, depending on the captain’s call. That’s why he is an integral element of NAVI’s tactical formations. We can’t help but point out the unbelievable speed with which Valeriy adapts to the ever-changing situation on the map. Say, someone fragged his teammate a second ago — the headshot machine already knows what to do to make the kill trade. The pro’s reflexes are nothing short of mesmerizing. They help him aim faster than anyone else in the world, racking up an abnormally high percentage of headshot kills.

The agile B1T is ready to charge at his enemies like lightning at any second.

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Bold & unpredictable s1mple

s1mple (source:

Over his long career, s1mple has come out victorious in numerous face-to-face confrontations. Many tried to fend him off; many more tried to shoot him down. It worked only in isolated cases. But why?

Sportsmanlike boldness & unpredictability. Oleksandr’s demos are always scrutinized to the subtlest detail, but it’s almost never possible to predict his actions on the map. If he’s made one frag, he’ll probably go pushing for a second one. Risky? Yeah, but it’s worth the risk. Commentators and analysts alike marvel at his lightning-fast reaction.   

Esports Awards declared him the winner of Esports PC Player of the Year… A true professional! 

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