Interview with NAVI b1t before the start of PGL Major Stockholm


While PGL Major Stockholm 2021 has already begun, its strongest attendees are still waiting for their matches. For many, the Natus Vincere club is the key favorite of this tournament. This year, NAVI are stronger than ever. They’ve already won a number of large-scale championships, won the Intel Grand Slam, and are now ready to fight for the main grand prize in the world of CS:GO. Perhaps this is the year that the Born to Win will finally hold the Major trophy for the first time in the organization’s history.

Despite the team’s busy training schedule, we were able to talk to the youngest member of the squad, Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy, before his games in the Legends stage of the tournament.

Own performance

Both you and sh1ro were nominated for the “Rookie of the year” by Esports Awards. Do you feel any pressure to live up to the expectations from your teammates and the community? 

No, I don’t feel any pressure. It’s a really big responsibility, and it only serves to motivate me. I want to live up to the expectations of both my fans and my team, so I intend to bring my A-game to win.

They’ve been calling you the headshot master for a long time. For those who want to be as good at shooting as you are, tell us what your typical aim workout looks like. How many hours you should devote to it, what maps are better for practicing, etc.

All of my training sessions look different. I play a lot of death matches and sometimes warm up with bots. It’s essential to alternate your routines according to your own mood and feelings. Well, and it’s training with your team that provides the biggest performance boost.

In an interview for your own NAVI channel this spring, you mentioned you hadn’t yet shown a level of performance you can be proud of. Now it’s fall and you’re in the Major. How has your attitude toward your own play changed and what can you be proud of now?

Not only did we win IEM Cologne 2021, but we also won the Intel Grand Slam. It’s a really great springboard for future games, including the Major. I’m really proud of my team.

In your NAVI Junior days, you rarely got a chance to play in big tournaments due to the somewhat restricted nature of the pro scene. Then, in your debut, you faced the formidable Astralis. How did you psychologically cope with the excitement back then and what has helped you get into the shape you’re in now?

I tried to reach the right fighting morale and just tried to do my best in the game. I focused on the match, on what we’d worked on before it. Training provided a good confidence boost too.

Recent CS:GO updates

The M4A1-S got buffed big-time in that patch. Regardless, we saw the good old M4A4 in your hands after its release, even in a recent RMR. Why did you decide against the novelty then and what will your choice be in the Major?

Yeah, the patch was cool. However, I’m quite used to playing with the M4A4, I like it a lot. It has a higher rate of fire, which is decisive in some situations. In the Major, I’ll probably use it as well.

Regarding the other changes to the game. What do you think of the grenade drop tactics? Did it make the game unpredictable and how did it affect player positioning, especially when playing as CTs?

That’s something new in Counter-Strike. Changes like that unfailingly refresh the game. It’s cool that you can share a grenade with a teammate. As for positioning, I’m not so sure, I don’t think the changes will affect it too much.

NAVI’s preparation for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

NAVI have performed with flying colors this year, collecting first places in the crucial tournaments. How did that affect your fatigue and confidence?

Victories are always energizing. You start to believe in yourself more and find the strength to keep going. Plus, speaking about fatigue, our coach Andrii “B1ad3” Gorodenskyi has a very smart approach to it. He works out a training schedule that prevents burnout from happening.

How are you preparing for the tournament? How long will you be bootcamping and do you plan to have an additional respite before your performance in the Major?

All this time, we have been preparing really hard. Now we’re continuing our training at the bootcamp. We’re not planning to have any pause. It’s better to maintain the intensity in training before the games. This is the most important tournament, so I think we’re going to show some new and exciting stuff in this Major.

A few words to your fans who will be supporting you in this Major 🙂

Thanks to everyone supporting us! I really appreciate it! We’ll do our very best!

We wouldn’t be the CS.MONEY Blog if we didn’t ask this question. Your top 3 favorite skins that you’ll opt for in the Major?

AK-47 Wild Lotus, M4A4 Howl, Desert Eagle Blaze.


The team of the CS.MONEY Blog wishes Natus Vincere every success in PGL Major Stockholm 2021, a low ping, a high FPS, and a spectacular victory!

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