Key Ancient nades: A site


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will be the first Major to feature Ancient, which replaced Train in May 2021. While teams are preparing cool, sophisticated nade executions on the new map, the CS.MONEY Blog is going to show you some basic throws. Scroll down for the essential grenades around A Site on Ancient.

Regular throw, jumpthrow, walkthrow, or runthrow — doesn’t ring a bell? Then you need to familiarize yourself with our guide to the grenade throwing mechanics in CS:GO. This knowledge will help you better understand how grenades work in the game.

Cutting off back alley

One of the key grenades at the A Site is the back alley smoke which will help you prevent the CTs from entering the site to stack their defenses. There are a number of ways to throw this nade. One of the most popular options is to make the throw while leaving T spawn.

To execute the throw, stand facing the texture and aim at the corner of the building across from it. Make a jumpthrow.

Important note: this smoke only works on servers with a 128 tickrate.

There’s a simpler but risky alternative. Namely, you can throw the utility from the spot at the exit from A main. Use the same corner of the wall as a point of reference for your throw.

Even after you’ve thrown the back alley smoke, CT might still be tempted to break in through the smokescreen with a flashbang: most likely, they’ll try to take the position behind the box. While you’re at the exit from A main, you can execute an effective Molly to prevent this. No need to memorize any particular landmarks in this case. Simply aim roughly at that area on the wall and throw the utility with a small step.

Two smokes towards temple on Ancient

We’ll complete our series of coordinated throws at A with two smokes towards temple, both thrown from the upper tunnel. For starters, get to the corner and aim at the leaf. Make a regular throw — and there’s your first smoke.

The second smoke is a little more tricky. You need to find the right pixel on the floor and then aim slightly above the leaf.

Now, the defense will have to wait for all the smoke clouds to fade before retaking the site.

Molly against A push

A Site is not as popular with the Ts as B. CTs can take advantage of this and regularly make attempts to push A and flank you from that position. If you noticed the CTs resorting to this strategy, throw a Molly toward A main at the very beginning of the round. The grenade is extremely simple and mostly intuitive.

A main Molly

However, this Molotov offers no guarantee that the defense won’t advance — it only covers one potential entry point for pushing. So stay on guard!

Now you know the key grenades on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, and A Site on Ancient. Stay tuned for soon follow-up CS.MONEY Blog posts about basic throws at Ancient’s B site, as well as on the remaining maps of the official map pool: Nuke and Vertigo. Come back to the blog to improve your CS:GO skills, learn about new skin selections, and, of course, follow the developments of PGL Stockholm Major 2021.




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