Workshop Highlights: October 2022


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s last case happened this summer. But these days, people still are waiting for a new one or expect Valve to launch the next operation! And so are we. Therefore, once again, we browsed through stuff from the Workshop and compiled the best we found. Would these be chosen for the next case? Only Gabe knows!

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AK-47 Wild Lotus is a gorgeous skin. Scrolling through the arts from the Workshop over the past month, we found an equally impressive skin that is quite suitable for becoming Wild Lotus’ half-brother. AWP SOLANUM, created by Pet3D and dre, vaguely resembles the aforementioned AK.

This skin is painted in three colours: dark-fading sight, crimson barrel and magazine, while the body itself is covered with lighter shades. On top of this, a painting with flowers and birds. All together, they form a beautiful composition worth spending hours reviewing—excellent work from a duet of Brazilian artists. First part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: E5K.

P90 Opera Ghost

Most likely, you have experienced the pareidolic illusion already. Behind this complex name lies the effect of perceiving false images. For example, when you see a cat in a cloud. P90 Opera Ghost’s creator, Miguli, saw the mask of the Opera Ghost in the outlines of the lower part of the P90 and decided to implement his illusion in the form of a weapon finish.

As a result, a fascinating skin. P90’s front is almost entirely devoted to the mask that covers the weapon’s handle. The remaining space is covered with roses: their buds and thorny stems are tightly wrapped around the butt of the submachine gun. Moreover, this colour scheme is not random. Roses are the image of The Phantom of the Opera. But why? Can’t tell, honestly, because it would be a spoiler. Better watch the classics and find the answer yourself.

AK-47 夜魇暗潮

Speaking of October, we cannot help but mention Halloween, the spookiest day ever. Pumpkins, sweets and costume parties have already become integral to our lives. This holiday also is spread a lot in video games. Dota 2, another Valve esports title, even has a Diretide Halloween event and “case”.

Rain Bronson and Moxxi were impressed by the style of Diretide and decided to implement it in their new work: AK-47 夜魇暗潮. Don’t let the hieroglyphs scare you. It’s simply the name of Dota 2’s Halloween event. The skin reflects everything you love about All Saints’ Eve: its centre has a pumpkin-headed monster with sprouts and eyes looking straight at you. Separately, we note the lively chicken on the butt of the rifle, an outstanding detail.


Another decent Workshop AWP and once again a gorgeous half-brother to the AK skin. You have already seen the AK-47 Ice Coaled in the CS:GO’s Recoil Case. A futuristic-looking gun with the main decoration of light green to blue gradient covering the upper part of the rifle. Second part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: 02G.

AWP ICE COALED III, found in the REINCARNATION’s workshop, the AK-47 Ice Coaled creator, has a similar appearance. AWP’s overall shape fits perfectly with the tones and the idea of the skin. Since its body is elongated, there was more room for the gradient, and it became even more beautiful. In addition, this skin’s asceticism turns the rifle into a fashionable esports gear piece. Might be a great addition.

P90 toxiCity

We couldn’t simply avoid a neon-style gun for a compilation, could we? This one to close up our October Workshop Highlights is pure neon futurism. It’s hard to come up with a more suitable form for one than P90. Even today, with this SMG being more than thirty years old, it still looks like a guest from the future.

P90 toxiCity was made by a trio of artists: SEANMIK, re.specter and Emil. Thanks to their efforts, this weapon finished boasts some fascinating features. First, look at the drawing: the front part of the gun has a simple pattern, while there’s a netrunner on the butt. A metal arm, an acid Mohawk, and huge glasses seem to be a perfect outfit for a future hacker. Second, some elements of this one are pearlescent. Shadowed, the crosses, the text on the magazine, and the LEDs on the protagonist of the artwork light up. Looks incredibly cool.

Most likely, Valve will release the next operation before the end of this year. We guess that it will happen at the end of November. What do you think? Try to predict its release date in the comments below!




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