Winning Knives: What NAVI Used At PGL Stockholm


PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was one hell of a ride. And NAVI were the victorious team there. At that tournament, NAVI players have been flexing: 3-0 in the Groups and dry matches in the Playoffs. Indeed, they also flexed with their skins. We recalled that glorious moment for the yellow-black squad and made a list of the best NAVI knives they used at the tournament in Stockholm.

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M9 Bayonet Doppler Phase 1

Almost all NAVI players used the same set of gloves and knives both in defence and in the attack. Of the five, only Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutsky stood out. So let’s start with him. 

At PGL Stockholm Major 2021, Perfecto played with Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono and M9 Bayonet Doppler Phase 1 for T. Amazing combo in red and purple colours. Switching to the CT side, Ilya also changed gloves yet had the same knife. Instead of Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono, he used Sport Gloves Vice. A bright pair of gloves to bounce with the knife. As a result, a freshly-looking combo catches the eye. The good news is that we have all three skins on our recently released Market. Therefore, if you want to flex like a Major finalist, buy Perfecto-style stuff. 

Let’s see what other NAVI players wore in the Grand Finals.


Butterfly Knife Doppler Sapphire

Valery “b1t” Vakhovsky used Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box and Butterfly Knife Doppler Sapphire combo in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 finals. Interestingly, three NAVI players used butterfly knives at once, and moreover, all the knives were of different colours, while the gloves were toned to match the blades.

B1t used a Butterfly Knife with a blue blade that looks great with the Pandora’s Box Sport Gloves. These gloves’ purple overlays seem to blend into the blade of a knife, forming a great composition in shades of black and purplish-blue.


Butterfly Knife Doppler Ruby

Another player who flexed with Butterfly Knife in the finals. Denis “electroNic” Sharipov wore a set of Sport Gloves Slingshot and Butterfly Knife Doppler Ruby. This red combo looks just gorgeous. As with the b1t’s combo, these gloves and knife match almost perfectly colour-wise. Like they were made for each other. First part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: N4J.

At that major, Denis didn’t make a single frag with a knife, but looking into his stats overall, we found out that the NAVI’s current captain has one favourite CS:GO knife type. And it’s Butterfly Knife! Throughout his career, electroNic has stabbed his opponents eight times, and five of those successful attempts were made with a butterfly knife in his hand.


Butterfly Knife Gamma Doppler Emerald

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev completes the trio of Butterly Knife enjoyers. At the Stockholm Major, he used Specialist Gloves Emerald Web Gloves and Butterfly Knife Gamma Doppler Emerald. That is, NAVI had three RGB gloves+knife combos between its players: they had red, green and blue sets! 

S1mple’s green choice is in no way inferior to the two we mentioned before. Obviously, it’s mostly because of the Butterfly Knife. It’s incredible how one of the oldest knives in the game seems so good even today. You can spend hours simply watching its flex animation. And when combined with a decent pair of gloves, it starts to look even better. 


Talon Knife Case Hardened

Unlike his teammates, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov used a pretty specific and unconditional combo of Hand Wraps CAUTION! and Talon Knife Case Hardened. It’s worth noting that Talon Knife Case Hardened was of a blueish shade. In case you didn’t know, Case Hardened skins have a rarity condition: the bluer, the more expensive and rare the skin. 

However, despite this little thing, Boombl4’s combo is the easiest you can get in terms of price. These two, if Field-Tested, are available for least than one thousand dollars on our Market. That’s quite a low tag for skins to have Major-winning background! Second part of the promo code for GameChanger Hub: J5V.

NAVI will soon begin their journey at the ESL Rio Major. By the way, we’ve also browsed through NAVI players’ inventories recently, and learned that they will have upgraded their knife+gloves combos and will wear new stuff! Do you believe this team will make it to the Finals again? Try leaving your prediction in the comments below!




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