HLTV 2022 Award Winners’ Inventories


The New Year holidays have come to an end, and the HLTV awards ceremony, we can say, officially drew the line between yearly competitive seasons. We know the names of the year’s best players, and we remember their highlights well, but how well do we know their inventories?

CS.MONEY Blog decided to look into Steam profiles of the best players of 2022 and look for various exciting things.

Top 3 players of 2022

Let’s start with reviewing the inventory of the year’s best three players. S1mple, ZywOo and sh1ro made it to the pedestal, and each of the players’ approach is significantly different from one another.

S1mple’s CS:GO skins inventory is stuffed with a wide variety of items. Sometimes there is a feeling that Oleksandr has every single weapon finish, but that is not entirely true. Nevertheless, from all this assortment, we liked two of his AK-47s. One of them has the nametag “Fire and Ice” because the holographic stickers Titan and iBUYPOWER from Katowice 2014 are equally placed on the gun. At the same time, the second one has the same stickers but in a different order—an interesting choice.

AK-47 Black Laminate
AK-47 Case Hardened

Fun fact: after PGL Major Stockholm, s1mple has two golden awards: the tournament champion’s trophy and the major’s gold coin. Not everything went according to the plan of the best sniper in the world.

We won’t say anything about ZywOo’s inventory: the Frenchman keeps his profile private, but sh1ro has a small but cosy collection. It seems that Dmitry immediately removes everything unnecessary to the storage unit. Of the active skins, we note three different AWPs (Graphite, Mortis and Redline), as well as three AK-47s (Asiimov, Slate and The Empress).

Fun fact: outside of storage units, sh1ro has only two player stickers that are not used. One of them is his own autograph; the other one belongs to… cadiaN.

Best Closer: Ax1Le

Unlike sh1ro, Ax1Le has an inventory more similar to s1mple. Considering as many as four storage units, it turns out that Sergey has over four thousand different items in CS:GO! Let’s note five different music packs with a wide variety of styles: starting with Scarlxrd to The Verkkars collaboration with n0thing. More on music, we cannot but mention M4A1-S with a nametag in honour of a famous Japanese singer, a former member of the idol group AKB48:

M4A1-S Blue Phosphor

Rookie of the Year: m0NESY

Ilya Osipov was a revelation last year, breaking into the CS:GO elite in style. Not only did he earn the title of the best rookie, but HLTV also named his clutch against MIBR the best highlight of the year.

The highlight was made with AWP Dragon Lore, and, apparently, this is his favourite skin: there are not one, but two sniper rifles in the G2 player’s inventory, differing only in stickers (but the iBUYPOWER Katowice 2014 holographic sticker is present in both).

AWP Dragon Lore
AWP Dragon Lore

Fun fact: Ilya has seventy-two R8 Revolver Blaze items in his inventory!

Anchor of the Year: Perfecto

The anchors often remain shadowed by their teammates, but this does not negate their usefulness. As for Ilya’s inventory, his choice of AK-47 attracted our attention. There are two of them in Perfecto’s inventory, but both are not the most popular: we are talking about Nightwish and Aquamarine Revenge. The former is used by some pros (for example, such skin lays in the inventory of NiKo, the opener of the year), but you will rarely meet the latter among esports athletes.

StatTrak™ AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge

Captain of the Year: Karrigan

FaZe has won the first major of 2022, and their captain has excellent taste in weapon finishes. Every frequently used weapon has several beautiful skins: for example, we counted at least five different skins for M4A4, and not to mention a couple more for M4A1-S. In this regard, there are also no questions about sniper rifles and pistols. But as a fun fact, let’s remember 2015: Karrigan was playing for TSM then, and there was a rifle in his inventory, which had nice wordplay: scarrigan.

SCAR-20 Cardiac

Best Female Team and Player: Nigma Galaxy Female and ANa

We wrote a separate article about the female winners of the HLTV Awards, and there are a lot of interesting things there:

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