Top 10: Best Pink Skins in CS:GO


Sometimes you just might want to brighten up your game a little to bring some new sensations. Moreover, it’s even better if you have a combo or even a complete set of main weapons in one palette. CS.MONEY Blog collects ten best pink CS:GO skins to spruce up your inventory. This compilation includes cheap and expensive skins, but it’s not that important when you’re eager to set up a colourful and shiny inventory.

best csgo pink skins listed with prices full pink inventory

Surely, all pink skins are available cheaper at CS.MONEY Trade. With prices lower than Steam and a super-friendly user interface (filters for price, floats, stickers and everything you need). Just choose any pink skin you like and buy it in a couple of clicks! And now, let’s browse through the best skins for a full-pink CS:GO inventory.

Pink Pistol Skins

best pink pistol skins usp glock deagle csgo
USP-S Cortex, Glock-18 Pink DDPAT, Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline

USP-S Cortex

USP-S Cortex features a skeleton of a bluish colour, being just a context or a background. Well, here comes the main character of the design idea: the brains. They are painted pink, which covers almost the entire upper part of the gun and the suppressor. Gorgeous pink USP skin.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: USP-S Cortex Minimal Wear, ~5$

Glock-18 Pink DDPAT

Glock-18 Pink DDPAT has a grey base with cute and geometric pink camouflage applied above it. A very simple but effective skin that goes well with most stickers. This beautiful pink Glock skin is clearly worth the money.

CS.MONEY‘s Choice: Glock-18 Pink DDPAT Field-Tested, ~40$

Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline

Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline‘s front side is covered in a deep pink that fades to black towards the handle. Additionally, the skin is decorated with several white and blue shades. It’s a great skin to have, even if you don’t want a full-pink CS:GO inventory. And it’s cheap!

CS.MONEY‘s Choice: Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline Minimal Wear, ~1,5$

Best SMG Pink Skin

best pink smg mp skin mount fuji
MP9 Mount Fuji

MP9 Mount Fuji

The whole design idea of MP9 Mount Fuji is, surprise!, an image of Fujiyama, or Mount Fuji. In addition to the mountain and the rising sun, the skin is also decorated with puffs of pinkish mist. Eye-pleasing and calm pink CS:GO skin worth only around four dollars.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: MP9 Mount Fuji Minimal Wear, ~4$

Best Pink Sniper Rifles Skins in CS:GO

best pink sniper rifle skins in csgo awp and ssg 08
SSG 08 Turbo Peek, AWP Chromatic Aberration

SSG 08 Turbo Peek

SSG 08 Turbo Peek has neon lights and fast cars, just like the first Fast and the Furious movie. This pink-to-orange straight line and the pink car are all we need to include this skin in our full-pink inventory compilation.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: SSG 08 Turbo Peek Field-Tested, ~5$

AWP Chromatic Aberration

What a beautiful skin AWP Chromatic Aberration is. And it will look even better in CS 2. This pink AWP skin can be divided into two parts: one is black with lots of small white details, and the second is a purple-to-pink gradient that covers part of the scope and the front of the rifle.

CS.MONEY‘s Choice: AWP Chromatic Aberration Minimal Wear, ~35$

Best AK and M4 Pink Skins in CS:GO

best pink ak and m4 skins in csgo
AK-47 Neon Revolution, M4A4 Neo-Noir

AK-47 Neon Revolution

Among all bright AK skins, there’s a clear pink favourite: AK-47 Neon Revolution. Obviously, it has two main colours: pink and green. In Neon Revolution, pink is the protagonist, covering most of the weapon finish. What could be even more fabulous? This skin goes well with almost all stickers! This is not only the best pink AK skin but simply one of the most popular and high-quality skins in CS:GO.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: AK-47 Neon Revolution Field-Tested, ~25$

M4A4 Neo-Noir

From a hot pink AK-47 to an M4A4 with somewhat muted shades. M4A4 Neo-Noir uses white, pink and blue to depict a beautiful female from a neo-noir comic book. Great pink skin for a very low price, a must-have.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: M4A4 Neo-Noir Minimal Wear, ~14$

Best Pink Knife in CS:GO

best pink knife in csgo talon fade
Talon Knife Fade

Talon Knife Fade

We decided to go with Talon Knife Fade as the best pink knife in an entirely pink csgo inventory. By choosing a fine knife pattern, for example, #8, you can get this skin with an almost completely pink blade. Its light handle successfully combines the blade and any pink CS:GO skin you like! Moreover, it goes well with the gloves we discuss next. This is a top pink knife skin, but it also costs accordingly.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: Talon Knife Fade Factory New, ~1500$

Best Pink Gloves in CS:GO

best pink gloves in csgo
Sport Gloves Vice

Sport Gloves Vice

And to complete our pink collection, introducing a pair of pink gloves: Sport Gloves Vice. These are available in black, blue and pink. A very bright combination that goes well with pink inventory skins.

CS.MONEY’s Choice: Sport Gloves Vice Minimal Wear, ~5800$

Maybe, after browsing through pink skins, you changed your mind and want to go with full-white or full-yellow? We’ve got your back! Click the links to open our colour-themed skin loadouts.

And don’t forget that all skins are available for purchase at CS.MONEY Trade cheaper than on Steam Marketplace!




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