All about Operation Broken Fang


Less than a year has passed since the previous operation ended — and here the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development team is rolling out the new one! The tenth operation (that’s an anniversary, by the way!) is called Broken Fang.

CS.MONEY is here to tell you everything you need to know about the novelty. 

Money & Time Frame

The battle pass for the operation costs $15 and gives access to its 16 weeks. Every week, pass holders will be receiving new tasks. For their completion, they’ll get stars. This is a new currency of sorts which assumes two functions at once.

First, by gaining stars you can improve the operation medal. In total, you need to collect 100 stars, counted automatically whenever you receive them. As the amount of stars grows, the medal will improve until it reaches its maximum quality. The stars will remain in possession of the player.

Second, you can use the received stars to buy items in the operation store. These items include cases, stickers, graffiti, patches, and, of course, new agents. You can also buy stars in the same store to spend them on other items. 

Within the first week, you can earn up to 19 stars, but only 10 go into the “wallet.” The remaining 9 stars give small yet pleasant bonuses — you don’t have to get them at all.

Locations & Modes


Together with the operation, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now features seven new maps. Two of them are designed for the classic Bomb Defusal mode, one for Battle Royale and Hostage Rescue, two for Wingman, and, last but not least, one map is meant for cooperative play. 


Rumors concerning the changes to the Mirage map and other competitive battlefields were, as it transpired, nothing but rumors. But Valve has actually introduced a new game mode: Retake. It’s already available on the community’s user servers, and it already enjoys great popularity. 


In the official version, the new mode offers four defense players to beat out three enemies from one of the C4 plant spots. At the beginning of every round, several equipment options are offered. The duration of a round is limited by the C4 timer and the duration of the whole match by 15 rounds. The first team to score eight victories wins.


Another Matchmaking System 

Valve has added another player queuing system to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While the game community was previously divided into those who had a Prime status and those who didn’t, now players are additionally divided into two more groups. Those having a battle pass will also be able to play in Premier-matchmaking. Apart from the usual features of competitive mode, it’ll have a map ban phase. 


As of now, it’s hard to tell just how much this all will affect the pace of matchmaking. However, we can safely assume that both regular players and those in Premier-matchmaking will have to wait longer for the beginning of the much-coveted next play session.


Statistics & Communication 

Owners of battle passes can access a special statistics section. The information there is rather detailed — and because of that, quite useful. For instance, you can view your win percentage in different modes/on different maps as well as the K/D ratio for every weapon — or find out who has been your best partner in Wingman so far.

You can find all the information in one single tab. There’s also a system of filters available: by time, mode, sides, and maps.  

The communication-related functionality in-game has also been expanded sizeably. The chat and voice communication are now complemented with a notification wheel. And not just one — three of them at once! In the settings, you can assign the necessary phrases to each wheel, and the display of the wheels to individual keys. 
While the number of available phrases is certainly impressive, the ability to pinpoint a spot on the map by pressing on it is definitely much cooler. It would seem that with this function now part of the game, you can forget about those heated debates on what is the “correct” name of a certain spot on the map (“What do you call that place — triple or firebox?”).

Skins, Gimme More Skins!

The most important and interesting part of the update is, naturally, content! And there’s a lot of that. The game now has a new set of agents for both sides — even though part of this assortment has been known since last year. We choose Sir Bloody Miami Darryl with his fantabulous pink Hawaiian shirt.

As far as agents are concerned, we want to give credit where credit is due to the development team. This time, the skins clearly offer much more contrast, and it’s doubtful that there’ll be any problems with identifying them on the maps. 

Apart from agents, we can now enjoy new graffiti, stickers, and patches. They are all thematic. A whole graffiti pack and a sticker set devoted to recoil. You can now decorate your favorite AK with a stylized image of its recoil pattern. Then, after you make a frag, you can apply a graffiti with the same pattern. 

The last item on this list of cool novelties is four new skin collections. We’ve noticed many “returns to the roots” among those skins. AWP Fade, M4A1-S Printstream, AK-47 X-Ray, and many other skins echo already existing patterns or are inspired by them. 

This is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s tenth operation. How did you like it? Make sure you tell us in the comments  — and don’t forget to subscribe to our social media pages.




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