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On our site items can have different statuses, because of which they can’t be traded. Let’s take a closer look at them:
Overstock — this status implies there are too many similar items in our bots inventories. You can go to the “Item status”‎ section and check an overstock limit for a particular item. We can’t say exactly when it's about to change, it's fully automatic and depends on our user’s trades.
Unavailable — the reason of why the item might be unavailable is it’s unstable price or it’s not really popular among players or if it’s permanently blocked. In our effort to avoid stocking of cheap and low rank items we don't accept them.
Tradelock — there is a temporary trade lock on the item by Steam that will last less than 7 days. This may be due to it being traded or purchased from the Steam Market recently.
You can always check the status of any item in the “ Item status”‎ section in drop down menu under your nickname.
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