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In order to check item’s status, without having it in your inventory, you can go to the “ Item status” ‎ section. Here you can enter the name of item and check it’s status.
Possible statuses:
Tradable - those items can be traded on our site right now;
Overstock - these items can’t be traded since there are too many similar items on our bots right now. We can’t say exactly when it's about to change, it's fully automatic and depends on our user’s trades.
Unavailable - those items couldn’t be traded because of their unstable prices or it’s are not really popular among players or if it’s permanently blocked. In our effort to avoid stocking of cheap and low rank items we don't accept them.
Overstock limit shows how many similar items our bots can take right now. If this indicator is negative, then you can trade your item only after the specified amount of copies of this item will be taken from our bots.
Demand shows the current demand level for this item. “High demand”‎ means this item is bought faster than other item. In order to limit speculation commission is increased, if the user's markup is more than 15%.
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