The Big Bang on Inferno: New patch for CS:GO


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received yet another update. The development team has not only nerfed the M4A1-S, but also introduced changes to a number of maps. The CS.MONEY Blog is here to review the brand-new patch.  

M4A1-S got nerfed

The devs reduced the magazine size of the main defense rifle: the number of ammo rounds now amounts to 20 again. Note that the total number of rounds remained the same. Previously, the M4A1-S came bundled with 25 bullets in the magazine and 75 in reserve, whereas now, you have 20 bullets in the magazine and 80 in reserve.  

Interestingly enough, even a small nerf like that changed the prices of the M4A1-S finishes. Judging by the experience of other nerfs, this surge is a temporary phenomenon. It’s unlikely that pros or ordinary players will give up this rifle, even with a reduced magazine.

New Ancient

The Ancient map has been updated as well. Besides a number of minor fixes like removing pixel gaps, both bombsites underwent rearrangements. At A Site, one of the exits from the CT spawn was removed and the other widened. At B Site, they added a construction made of boards to the existing pillar, thus increasing the cover.

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Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - hhgTMqR.png

The lighting inside the tunnels was also improved: the dev team tweaked the brightness of the light emitted from candles and lanterns. Now there are fewer dim spots. However, lighting in the rooms didn’t look problematic even before the update. 

C4 on Inferno now more powerful

The development team increased the C4 explosion damage on Inferno. While the blast used to do 500 damage, it now dsoe 620. This automatically rendered the familiar end-of-round save spots unusable.  

It’s no longer possible to survive hiding in the far corner of the “pit” in case the C4 was planted on the standard spot at A Site. On top of that, the C4 blast at B Site is now fatal for anyone who fails to escape as far as the well at the CT spawn or the logs near the banana.  

Minor tweaks

The Vertigo, Cache, and Vineyard maps received minor changes. On Cache, an exploit has been fixed following a tip from El_Exodus. On Vertigo, the devs removed the position near ramp corner and made another attempt at fixing the Molotov-through-floor bug. Vineyard got optimized and should now have a higher FPS. 




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