17.02.21 Update


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received yet another update. And it’s not just a patch that changed the location of the paint cans on Overpass. On the contrary, the update fixed a couple of serious issues. CS.MONEY is here to tell you about all the fixes.

Maps: Anubis, Engage, Apollo, and Frostbite

Four maps received a variety of fixes. Namely, Valve fixed wallbangs, waypoints for bots, and other little things.

Frostbite, the map for the Danger Zone mode, received the most updates. Delivery drones no longer crash into radio buildings on this map. Also, the windows in the houses were removed. Additionally, Valve fixed a bunch of spots where you could previously get stuck and all kinds of visual bugs. On the whole, the usual work on map bugs was done.

The Ping Bug

Apart from maps, the game itself was fixed as well. Actually, those fixed bugs were much more serious. First, Valve corrected the “wallhack” using markers. They no longer bounce whenever an enemy passes over them and are no longer magnetized to players standing around the corner.

While this bug doesn’t seem particularly dangerous on the face of it, it could potentially affect the outcome of rounds or even matches. It’s a good thing that the devs hurried and solved the problem in a matter of a few weeks this time. 

The Wrong Sound

Unlike pings, the sound bug appeared in the game no later than 2019 and has been messing with players’ minds ever since. The essence of the bug is: on the official servers and those of FACEIT and other platforms, the wrong sound of steps was heard when walking on some surfaces. 

For example, because of this, the sound of steps over metal surfaces on Nike’s B Site. Needless to say, this annoying mistake caused genuine chaos on the “double-decker” map. It’s a problem no HRTF could’ve handled. Good thing Valve finally fixed the step sound bug and you can now receive the correct intel by ear.

No Bonus for the Guardian

Last but not least, two more small bugs were fixed. The first was related to the bonus money in the Guardian mode. After the bonus for the team’s missing members was introduced, players started getting extra funds at the beginning of the round too when playing in this mode. This was a bug — and it got fixed. 

Finally: they fixed a visual bug that appeared when voting at the end of a match.

So that’s the patch Valve released this time. Hopefully, your win rate will now increase thanks to the removal of two annoying bugs. Good luck!




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