Dota 2: New DPC-2021 Season Guide


The first season of DPC-2021 runs from January 18 to March 14. Valve has redesigned the Dota Pro Circuit system, and we have made a detailed guide about the new DPC season.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021 is divided into two six-week seasons, each of which ends with a Major. The best teams will be invited to The International 10, and at the end of two seasons, also qualifier events for TI10 will be held.

The International 2021 is scheduled to take place in Stockholm in August, as planned in 2020 with 18 participants.

Also, Valve updated the Dota Pro Circuit mobile app with a fantasy league – now it is available for free to absolutely everyone. Previously, you could only participate in the league with a Dota Plus subscription.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Schedule

  • Season 1: January 18 – February 28 (in China – March 14, with a break for Chinese New Year)
  • Major: March 25 – April 4
  • Season 2: April 13 – May 23
  • Major: June 2 – June 13

Regional tournaments

Valve has introduced a system of regional leagues. The teams are divided into six regions: Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and China.

Ranking points earned last season will not affect invitations in the League.

Regional leagues’ organizers

  • Europe – DreamHack
  • CIS – ESL
  • China – Perfect World
  • SEA – PGL
  • North America – BTS
  • South America – Dota PIT

Regional leagues consist of two divisions – the upper and lower, each of which is contested by 8 teams. In all regions, 4 teams were directly invited to the upper division, the rest went through closed qualifiers.

The closed qualifiers could be entered through open qualifiers and additional events.

In Europe, China, the CIS, and South America, the upper division could be reached through open selection: the top four teams qualified for the league.

In the other regions, they passed through the open qualifier to the closed one, and from there to the upper or lower division.

The two worst teams of the top division will drop to the upper, the top 2 teams of the upper division will proceed to the upper division, and the two worst teams of the upper division will leave the League. The vacant slots in the League will be determined through the open qualifiers after the first season.

DPC matches are played daily.

Prize pool

In all regions, the same amount of money and the number of DPC-points are played out.

Upper Division

  • $205,000
  • 1150 DPC points

Lower Division

  • $75,000

Distribution of points in the season:

  • Season 1: 6,900 points
  • Major: 2700 points
  • Season 2: 6,900 points
  • Major: 2700 points

Regional Leagues’ Participants


Upper division:, Natus Vincere, Team Spirit, Live to Win, Team Empire, NoTechies, EXTREMUM, Team Unique

Lower division: B8, Winstrike Team, HellRaisers, Gambit Esports, PuckChamp, Imperial  Pro Gaming, VP.Prodigy, XactJlepbI


Upper division: Team Liquid, OG, Team Secret, Nigma,, Alliance, Mudgolems, Chicken Fighters

Lower division: Hippomaniacs, Hellbear Smashers, Spider Pigzs, Brame, Creepwave, burjui, No Bounty Hunter, Meta4Pro


Upper division: PSG.LGD, EHOME, Vici Gaming, Elephant, Team Aster, Team MagMa, LBZS, Invictus Gaming

Lower division: Phoenix Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, Dalanjing Gaming, Sparking, Arrow Gaming, CDEC Gaming, Dragon, Dynasty, Xtreme Gaming

Southeast Asia

Upper division: TNC Predator, Fnatic, T1, BOOM Esports, Neon Esports, 496 Gaming, Execration, Vice Esports

Lower division: Galaxy Racer, Omega Esports, HOYO, Army Geniuses, Cignal Ultra, Yangon Galacticos, Lilgun, ZeroTwo

North America

Upper division: Evil Geniuses, ManMidas, A-Team, Black N Yellow, Quincy Crew, S A D B O Y S, Undying, 4 Zoomers

Lower division: Arkosh Gaming, simply TOOBASED, Electronic Boys, felt, Jiang Hu, The Cut, Byzantine Raiders, Team DogChamp

South America

Upper division: beastcoast, EgoBoys, Infamous, Latam Defenders, NoPing e-sports, SG e-sports, Team Unknown, Thunder Predator

Lower division: Hokori, Crewmates, Gorillaz-Pride, Infinity Esports, Inverse, Mad Kings, Incubus Club


Each Major consists of 18 participants.

Slot distribution in the first Major

  • Europe: 4 teams
  • China: 4 teams
  • Southeast Asia: 3 teams
  • CIS: 3 teams
  • North America: 2 teams
  • South America: 2 teams



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