Why You Need To Know Nade Throws


The best players stand out from the good ones not only because of their impressive aim and steady nerves but also due to their severe knowledge and perfect execution of grenade throws. CS.MONEY Blog highlights five reasons why you should know grenade throws on all maps in CS:GO and how to use utility in the game.

Using grenades helps to win, don’t underestimate this fact. Still, performing good nade throws might sound a little vague. Therefore, we have chosen five specific reasons to learn all grenade throws on all CS:GO maps.

Reason #1: Map Control

Obviously, grenades were made to control the map. It’s the main reason to know how to use utility in CS:GO.

Smoke grenades assist in blocking the enemy’s vision. This allows you and your team to gain control over specific areas of the map. As a result, it becomes more difficult for the opponents to execute their strategies during the round. Basically, this applies to all other grenades, too. Surely, you’ve had matches on Inferno where the attack couldn’t pass through Banana in the initial timings due to incoming grenades. That’s an excellent example of map control.

Reason #2: Economics

On average, a player spends every fourth dollar on nades in one match assuming they purchase them at all. As we’ve already established, not buying grenades is bad attitude and non-competitive. But it’s even worse to spend every fourth buck aimlessly. Knowing how to use utility fixes this problem.

Well-executed flashbangs blind for one and a half seconds instead of just half a second. Accurate HE grenades deal 50 points of damage instead of 5. These micro-moments accumulate into a noticeable advantage: imagine missing the last bullet from your MP9 and get killed because you previously didn’t do enough nade damage to your opponent? This way, you and your teammates die less frequently and need to spend money less often. That’s how knowledge of grenade throws helps you save twice.

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Reason #3: Fakes

Mirage Fake displayed by Scope.gg

After Valve introduced grenade drops, fakes’ potential and popularity in CS:GO significantly increased. It’s now not as difficult to execute tricky maneuvers with your mate or even alone. The key is to have a spare couple of grenades and know where to throw them and when to execute good fakes.

Smoke walls and flash grenades can stir up the enemy team, possibly causing a rotation. This can definitely help secure a round victory.

Reason #4: Retakes

Usually, grenade throws are much easier when playing as the defensive side, CTs. However, there’s one crucial situation where it certainly doesn’t work: defusing a ticking bomb. If the attackers managed to enter the bombsite, secure it, and plant the C4, CTs will face some serious problems.

There are only a few entry points to each bombsite, making them easy to control. Here, you can be rescued by extraordinary and witty smokes and instant flashes. These make retakes much easier, and you won’t have to save in 3v3 situations.

Reason #5: Reading The Enemy’s Game

POV: you’re left 1v3 and your team starts yelling CLUTCH OR KICK

By studying grenade throws, you’ll notice an interesting fact: in most cases, people use only one or two popular nade throws for each site. Knowing these scripts, you’ll easily determine the initial throw location. This helps you understand the enemy’s position.

Moreover, if you know where grenades usually come from, you can counter them effectively. If you’ve watched professional matches, you might have seen an interesting clip on Mirage. The Defense throws a Molotov cocktail into their own window during the early timings, detonating a flying smoke grenade aimed to cover your sniper’s position. Such tricks most likely won’t be necessary for a regular match, but the much more simple polished reflex to turn away from flashbangs will certainly come in handy.

Another opportunity to enhance your gameplay is by knowing all the basic mechanics of CS:GO. We have a separated BASED series, where we talk about some apparent and not too obvious settings, rules, tactics, etc. Check it out!




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